Park Chu-young signs

This really doesn’t deserve it’s own post, but since he still has a number of believers here I’ll post it. Park Chu-young has reportedly signed a one-year deal with Saudi outfit Al Shabab. The deal is worth a cool million dollars, and Park should join up with the team immediately (Saudi Arabia league season has already started). Park will (according to Wikipedia) wear the number 19 shirt.

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  1. I always wonder what would have happened had he stayed in the French League with Lille, instead of jumping ship to Arsenal….

  2. Well, he got the paycheck he was looking for. I would have liked it if he tried a bit harder to enter the K-League again but so be it. What a sad story his career has been. Hindsight is 20/20 but it’s truly tragic the way his career has turned out.

      • Even more saddening that he wouldn’t even put it under consideration. I suppose not all that surprising given how Koreans and netizens have treated him.

        I love Park and he still has some decent moments in his career to be proud of. But I can’t help but sigh when looking at how everything turned out. I do wish the best for him in Al Shabab.

        • I don’t think it had much to do with Koreans/netizens (although maybe a bit). I think it’s more what a return would represent. A player returning because he had no where else to go. In some ways I think he saw returning to Korea as giving up/a sign of failure. I think he still believes that he can return to Europe if he does well at Al Shabab.

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