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  1. It was time. Thanks to a wonderful, spirited, hard working soccer player. Thanks for the goal in 2002 against Portugal. Thanks for your numerous appearances for Manchester United – I wouldn’t have been a Man U fan had it not been for him.

    His determination, work rate and intensity is something unparalleled for Korean soccer.

    A legend.

    Park Ji-Sung, Gamsahamnida!

  2. Knew it was coming but it still gets me. Sad to see him go but I’m so appreciative for everything he’s done for Korean soccer. I hope he enjoys retirement — it’s certainly well deserved.

  3. i know some will think my following comment makes me sound like a db, but i think he would have had a greater impact if he at least retired playing in korea for even just one year. as much as korea has progressed, i will always stand by my view that korea’s potential is severely limited until its domestic league improves. and for the best korean player of his generation to have essentially completely ignored it is indicative of how the rest of korea looks at its own league. i don’t mean this to poo poo pjs in any way. just ahshiwuh. he was certainly a thoroughly awesome player. he is by far the 2nd best korean player ever in my opinion after cha bum kun. hong myong bo is a distant 3rd in my opinion, though even he is a by far the 3rd best after whoever might be 4th. anyway, what a great career. i’ll always love 2002 portugal goal. a thing of beauty.

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