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So, tinkering with the new poll thing I found. And today’s question involves our deep passing midfield. Ki Sung-Yueng has long been the man, but recent problems plus the emergence of Lee Myeong-Joo have got me thinking. So, today’s poll: Who should start as the deep passing midfielder for the matches against Haiti and Croatia? Should Ki Sung-Yueng keep his spot despite not playing for his club in awhile? Should Lee Myeong-Joo start ahead of him? Should Hong try them both out? Is there another player who should start?

Also, this is the first attempt at a poll. If you encounter any problems please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I don’t think Lee Myung Joo is a deep CM.. More of a ball carrier, box-to-box type. Ha Dae Sung has been taking charge of the role during the Hong Myung Bo era. Less deep but more movement and energy than Ki’s style. He’s being called the ace of the team by the Korean media as well.

    • True, Lee Myeong-Joo isn’t a pure deep CM like Ki can be, but he’s probably the closest that we have. He is a bit more robust shall we say, and his passing range isn’t quite as far.

      I think Ha loses a lot of efficiency when he stays deeper. He seems to be at his best when he’s allowed to patrol the middle of the pitch (from end to end) and just be a ball winner and simple passer. He doesn’t have the vision to be truly effective in the opposition half nor the range and accuracy to be a deep passer IMO.

      • I’m going to have to disagree. imo you almost have it flipped. Neither of these players are naturally deep CMs but Ha is able fulfill the duties of a deep CM and balance/control the mid field while Lee Myung Joo has always been a box-to-box CM for his club and country. If Ha hasn’t shown his passing ability to you idk how Lee Myung Joo has. Yes Ha’s best position is when he can roam around and boss the mid field but he’s shown he can be versatile the NT and FC Seoul. Our match against Peru is a testament. Also he’s clearly not just a simple passer and ball winner. He actually shows aggression going forward which is refreshing from the uninspiring “stand still and side pass” style Ki has taken on lately.

        Lee Myung Joo’s strengths have been his work rate, dribbling forward and shooting. He’s not the type to remain still. I don’t believe it’d be optimal to restrict him back to a deeper role nor do i believe he’ll be able to pull it off. Going back to Peru again, there was clearly disharmony with the team when Ha came off. Granted Han Kuk Young probably had something to do with it but we lacked someone who could control the game, Lee Myung Joo couldn’t do it.

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