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  1. Why even add STY on the list? He managed 2 fucking friendlies that the opponents gave no shit about. And we lost against a tired and unmotivated Uruguay side.

  2. I know CKH and the dark days are considered some of the worst in recent KNT history, but anyone else think that under CKH (if he had actually cared about the national team job) we would have done better at WC 2014?

    Bbung chuk gu to KSW may be awful to watch and predictable, but it may have been viable against everyone in our group (maybe not Belgium as much) and seemed like something our players were comfortable with and actually knew how to do unlike our ineffective short passes to goal (or more like short passes back to our defense and GK).

    • And by better I mean relatively better. Not saying that we would have gone on to R of 16, but maybe we would have gotten more points in the group stage.

    • Sky getting into this “debate” is surprising…well sorta but these sort of arguments always lead to truly surprising…er…appalling comments. Like the one above.

      CKH’s greatest claim to fame is for looking like a Simpson’s character come to life. Thats about it.

      • My apologies then. Just my thoughts. I know CKH was friggin awful, but the bbung chuk gu, as atrocious as it was to watch when he was our coach, MIGHT have been better for us, especially against Algeria. I guess the long ball tactics should have been our go to rather than the crappy build up play at 2014 that we all saw is what I’m trying to say. I guess that’s the benefit of hindsight though.

        Regardless, even if CKH had led us or we had just done bbung chuk gu all day, certain we would have crashed out, but at least HMB could have started with a clean slate and his reputation intact.

        Meh, at the end of the day, we’re just crying over spilled milk. Hopefully, the national team will improve and perform better in Russia.

        • Actually you guys are right. Never should have even posted that. Rewatched some old highlights and remembered just how close we were to not even qualifying and how pssst I was after we just barely qualified. We would probably have been in an even worst state if he had taken us.

          Can’t believe I forgot how bad it really was. I guess after how good he is with Jeonbuk and the fact that he was so reluctant to take the NT job, it changed my perception of him (and I guess it helps that I don’t want to remember those times too). All I remember was the long balls and hoping for the best.

  3. Imho
    Choi Kang hee was the worst one out of all of them. As far as I know I think him staying at the K League as a manager is the best option for him. I mean the one positive thing I guess about this guy was that he got us to the World Cup but it was a heck of a roller coaster for Korea and ended up getting a lot of hate from Iranians.

    As for Hong Myung Bo who had a reputation of doing well as a manager in the past before becoming the manager of the senior side, I think people expected too much from him. He had short time but at the same time his favoritism and rather poor tactics and lack of a true leader hurt the team at the World Cup. I still respect this man since he has a good record from the past. BUT what really hurt me as a supporter of him was when he gambled with PCY and chose JSR over one of my favorite goalkeepers Kim Seung Gyu. Tbh the 2014 World Cup still makes me think about what Korea could have done differently. Hong Myung Bo, had he not had a lot of favoritism, should have included Lee Dong Gook and Cha Du Ri. I think those two veterans would have helped the young and inexperienced yet tall team. There was really no true leader and sometimes I do wish Park Ji Sung came back but you know it is what it is. Hong had a good rep but it was really hurt after this.

    Huh Jung Moo I believe was the manager of the senior team before and didnt do so well and ended up getting a lot of criticism. But he worked back up and got to be the manager again and Korea had a good World Cup in 2010. 😀 this is what i hope HMB could do. To get back and take Korea to a Round of 16 or better. Anyway Huh seems like a good manager. Getting Korea out of the group stage was amazing.

    Cho Kwang Rae idk too much about especially since when I began to get more deep into Korean football Choi Kang Hee was in charge. But what I do know is he got sacked after some embarassing losses and I think he had problems with the KFA before as well and the losses probably helped in his reason for sacking.tbh I think he would have done way better had we kept him but then again I think Hong Myung Bo would have still eventually came in and taken the manager position.

    Not too sure about Shin Tae Young…

    And Uli Stielike. Getting Korea to the finals of the Asian cup with injured key players. Ahhh we were so close to winning it all. I think Stielike did well and I love how this manager attends K league matches regularly and seems to care for Korean football. He also lives in Korea with his wife and there were calls for him to be the manager of Egypt but he rejected their call. Ofc he did have some meh call ups and we do have similar problems but honestly I think Stielike has potential. Idk too much about this manager yet. But all I know is he is focusing on our domestic league more. Ofc he found LJH. If Stielike fixes our defense and finds a guy who can score for the net at a good rate, I think he will be a better manager.

    • Lee Dong Gook is and has been done. PCY was a gamble and JSR was poor but I generally dismiss criticism levied agajnst HMB for favoritism. He didn’t choose any players that wouldn’t generally have been starters in any other manager’s sides. And honestly, a gamble on PCY – controversial as it may have been – wasn’t that absurd a call up.

      PCY had come in clutch before and our striker problem STILL has yet to be resolved. Sports is about calculated gambles, and as far as those to, thjs wasn’t a bad one at the time. Hindsight is 20/20,but it wasn’t favoritism that warranted his call up.

      The only real let down was the exclusion of CDR, who we all saw had fight left in him. But even then there was a basis of logical reasoning behind his exclusion.

      Ultimately, HMB’s downfall wasn’t his favoritism but his tactical rigidity and general hesitancy to experiment.

      • Ofc like you said PCY wasn’t a bad gamble especially given the way he placed against Greece and scored. Plus back in 2012 he found the net at the Olympics.
        I do respect your opinion about how you said favoritism had nothing to do with this but when it comes to experimenting with different things and players, I mean as far as I know, he tended to use the exact same lineup and formation. I remember seeing the World Cup and seeing virtually no change in the starting 11. But where I disagree with you is that I still saw favoritism played out.
        Ofc HMB isn’t necessarily a bad manager but he just had to make more changes. Idk about you but starting KSW over PCY didn’t seem a whole lot better since KSW never found the net against Algeria or Belgium. Lee Keun Ho coming in for PCY was a smart move as he scored but we were lucky against Russia.
        The 2014 Wold Cup is a painful memory watching how Korea could simply not win. I remember the Belgium game where a player got a red card I was getting excited Korea could take down a 10 man team. Im the end we didn’t win. Idk about you but Korea played better against Belgium than Algeria. Maybe it’s because we made 2 switches but anyway there’s my rant.

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