Possible Korea Matches In US?

I don’t usually post rumors and unconfirmed stuff, but last week the San Antonio Express had a small article on their website that Korea would play at the Alamodome in San Antonio on January 29th of next year. The opponent would likely be Mexico. The KFA has  reportedly made plans for the team to train in the US and Brazil, and is also looking at scheduling one other friendly match (right now, supposedly Ecuador).

Bear in mind that as of right now, and I don’t think it’ll change, that Jan. 29 is not a designated international friendly matchday, so the only players that would be there are likely to be K League players, as the K League would be in their offseason. So, Koreans in America keep your eyes and ears open.

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  1. Ha, I remember going to a South Korea v. Switzerland (I think?) friendly in SoCal many years back. The Korean crowd was so overwhelming the poor Swiss kids ended up chanting 대한민국 because they didn’t want to feel left out. The dad looked downtrodden that he couldn’t get his kids to cheer Switzerland.

    Good memories. Hopefully I can go to a friendly in the US again when they play. I heard they’re also having a training camp in the US. Any clue where it is and if practices might be open to the public any now and then?

    • Yeah I remember a Korea-Mexico game in SoCal a few years back as well. Didn’t make it to that one, but remember watching it on TV. Korea won 1-0 when the Mexico keeper tossed the ball on the ground to kick it up field, but didn’t notice the Korean forward (can’t remember who for the life of me) just standing there. Absolute howler. Anyway, I haven’t heard where the practices will be. I think it’s still in early development. Logically, some will be in Texas if the game is in San Antonio. I imagine practice might be open to the public. Texas, and San Antonio in particular, doesn’t have a huge Korea population (most live in Houston or Dallas, although there’s a growing group in Austin), so I wouldn’t expect them to be too concerned about security because of huge numbers of fans.

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