QPR vs KNT: Yun Suk-Young cleared for playoff finale?

For close to a week, Yun Suk-Young was caught in the middle of tug of war between the Korean FA and QPR, both requesting his services as one side prepares for the World Cup and another for a promotion final showdown at Wembley this Saturday. Despite May 19 as the start of the FIFA rest week to assist in the transition to World Cup preparations, QPR appealed to the KNT just as other Brazil bound Korean players were due to report to Paju.

QPR continued to hang onto Yun while negotiating with KFA counterparts. Hong Myong-Bo issued his declaration earlier this week that Yun should get back to Korea or else ‘set a bad precedent.’  FIFA rules

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  1. I can’t see it being a problem. Yoon has played with most of these players before with the U23 team (as well as Hong). He will have three weeks to adjust/settle in before the game against Russia. As long as he stays healthy, it feels like we’re making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    • You’re probably right, Yun knows Hong’s system. It’s just that Hong was so hell bent in getting Yun back quickly, don’t know what he’s cooking up for him…

    • I would be a little annoyed if Harry, as usual, keeps Yun on the bench and doesn’t use him. I’m not completely sure why Hong wanted him back so fast, or suggesting it would set a bad precedent, but we all know Hong likes being professional.

      Just don’t get hurt and all should be fine.

      • Yes, the tug of war for Yoon seems odd. Perhaps Hong really wants to use him in the starting XI ahead of Kim JS? Not sure what Redknapp’s game is. Guess we’ll see.

    • Yes, the KFA announced a few days ago that Koo Ja-Cheol will be captain, Lee Chung-Yong will be vice-captain. No one wrote a post on it, but I think the three of us with Twitter accounts (me, Roy, and Tim) all mentioned it on Twitter.

  2. Weird stuff.. you can find out on Roy, Jae or my twitter, but KFA says “Hang on, Redknapp is lying” and says the KFA never gave permission. Stay tuned as the Yun tug-of-war continues

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