Quick (Shocking) Transfer Update

Ji officially re-joins FC Augsburg. He signed 3 and 1/2 year contract.. which binds him to the club til June of 2018.





Thoughts on the transfer?  Did you expect the quick change?

Jae here, adding on with a K League transfer that just broke. FC Seoul (and Asian Cup) defender Kim Ju-young will join the growing ranks of Koreans plying their trade in China. The club just announced that the centerback will move to Shanghai SIPG. The Shanghai team finished 5th in the Chinese Super League last season, and is looking to improve their position. They have also hired Sven-Goran Eriksson as their manager. Eriksson spent last season managing Guangzhou R&F (who had Park Jong-woo and Jang Hyun-soo). Perhaps Park and Jang made an impression on Eriksson that Koreans are good for the CSL?

Seoul fans must surely be furious with their club’s management as this will be the second year in a row the team will sell off their better players to Chinese sides. Last season it was Dejan Damjanovic and Ha Dae-sung. This year it’s Kim Ju-young, and there are reports that Go Myeong-jin is reportedly considering a move to the J League.


    • I feel so many different emotions – I like both clubs, but there’s 2 different BVB’s this season -the team in relatively good Champions League form and the terrible terrible league form BVB. And there’s Augsburg who’s had a bright start to the season, only 3 years in top flight and surprising everyone – and who’s given several Koreans chances over the years. If it weren’t that Klopp is in hot h20 w/ BVB in an unusual sitaution of being in a relegation battle, the uncertainty must have weighed on Ji to jump ship. If Klopp were a shoe in to stay for the long haul – Ji might’ve been better off to stay. The Klopp factor – that’s the clincher in my mind.

      • I don’t care about Dortmund’s current form. I’m really disappointed in his change of heart. Just recently he stated he wants to fight for his place at Dortmund. For him to change his mind this quickly, and make permanent move back to FCA (love the club) just disappoints me.

        • Yeah, good point – too many club changes is a concern. However, my hip-shot guess to Ji’s thinking goes like this: BVB (despite league position) is a once in a lifetime opportunity BUT as a player who’s witnessed club turmoil & uncertainty when managers change – news swirling in Dortmund triggering red flags for Ji. Klopp as a long term project kind of manager is good for Ji for his development in the long term. Obviously, Klopp won’t be able to stay if the club trajectory doesn’t improve. Time to jump ship is now if Klopp is leaving. But nothing is certain, club fortunes could improve, BVB can get out of relegation, but may be too far out of the race for CL spot.

          Hard to assess fully whether this is certainly the right or wrong move. Time will tell.

          I really like Klopp. He’s one of my favorite managers. Hipster cred, great past record & knack for helping player find their inner world class-ness. It is too bad on that level that Ji won’t be along for the ride anymore. Ay-guh-nah…

          • If that’s the reason, even more disappointing for me. I grew up supporting a club (Liverpool) & I hate players who jump ship at the first sign of trouble.

        • jumping at first sign of trouble…eh, I don’t know. Who knows what the machinations were behind the move, and what do I know, I’m just a proverbial bar tender

          This club loyalty you speak of – it’s a strange new concept for me. Which is why I am doomed ever since I picked Cardiff as team to lend support to. Doomed. I’m doing the ayatollah in b/w typing.

          back on Klopp for a moment – the best part about Klopp – his beard. He just doesn’t give a damn about being a prim & proper manager.

          I don’t know if Ji’s self doubts had played a part but I think given time, he would’ve been part of BVB’s 1st squad. With all the injuries, he could’ve suited up in the 2nd half of the season. guess we’ll never know.

          • It’s upsetting the more I think about it.

            Anyways, to research/dig up on other possible transfers in Jan.

            Kim Shin-Wook and Kimbo (doubt any others are moving).

          • haven’t we said that playing time is more important though? if he can play more at augsburg, whatever the reason, isn’t it a good thing?

          • Playing time is important but how often is he planning to change clubs in search for “playing time”? How often did he play on his 2nd loan to Augsburg? Would have been nice if he took responsibility (or just regain fitness after various injuries) & toughen it out. At least give it a proper go … he didn’t even do that in my opinion.

  1. The transfer window isn’t open yet, right? So this transfer would go through January 1st?

    Or did BVB and him like mutually end his contract, making him a free agent, and then he signed with Augsburg?

    • Yea, it goes through on Jan. 1st.

      Full transfer. Rumored figures are around 1.5 to 2m euro (with possible re-purchase option included).

      • what — repurchase option?! let me understand this, BVB could repurchase Ji from Augsburg again in the future? If that is correct, that is one tight network b/w those 2 clubs. Ji has what can best be described as Frequent Inter-Club Mile High Membership – for better or worse.

        • Only a rumor because that’s what Dortmund did with young players like Bittencourt and etc when they were sold. While it is possible, I doubt it is true.

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