Quick Transfer Update

Kicker is reporting Leverkusen exercised the purchase option on Ryu & he is now bound to Leverkusen til 2018. Eintrancht Braunschweig is hoping to extend the loan agreement with Leverkusen.


Another interesting rumor. FC Augsburg is interested in Park Joo-Ho if they were to lose their current LB to AC Milan.


Anyways, winter transfer is just around the corner. Feel free to leave comments on players you wish to see change teams (LCY? Ji? Kimbo?) or transfer to Europe from Asian Leagues (Kim Shin Wook? Kim Yong-Gwon? Nam Tae-Hee? or other recent players who got their military exemptions?).


  1. So whats the insider skinny on LCY? Any rumors of interest? I trust he hasn’t or will likely refuse another contract with Bolton….right?……..right??

    • There hasn’t been much news about LCY lately. The last was a week or two ago. English-media said Bolton/Lennon want to renew him and offer him a new deal. A Korean article said that Bolton had already offered him a new contract. Haven’t heard if he signed it, refused, or is still thinking.

  2. Despite my late comments, I’m stoked about Ryu extending his European adventure. Meanwhile, regarding Augsburg’s interest in PJH, what do you make of it? I know you don’t have mental telepathy w/ Mainz officials, but what’s your best guess – would PJH have any incentive to jump ship?

  3. You know, I’m a bit wary of the really tall strikers like Kim Shin-Wook transferring over and looking Andy Caroll-esque , but in euro football I guess they have their place (cue goals this weekend by Crouch and Caroll).

    We sort of talked about Jang Hyun-Soo and your opinion that his form might suffer in the long term should he stay in the China. Perhaps he has good potential that could be better tuned in europe. and with military exemption – why not take the plunge over in europe?

    • I’m actually not a fan of JHS but umm, he is stuck in China for the same reason as KYG. Too expensive for European clubs to take a chance of him (and he wasn’t impressive at FC Tokyo).

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