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So, just a quick post about some more transfer rumors I just read. The players involved? Park Ji-Sung, Lee Chung-Yong, and Son Heung-Min.

All of these updates are coming from the Chosun Ilbo. A highly respected paper in Korea, but they are quoting, and in some cases not even mentioning their source, some British tabloids, so make of it as you will.

Park Ji-Sung

It’s no secret that QPR are looking to move some players since their relegation status was confirmed, and Captain Park seems to be very high (if not number 1) on Harry Redknapp’s list. Park reportedly earns about 75,000 per week, and after a subpar season, he is likely one of the players that “will be difficult to move”. But, the aforementioned Chosun Ilbo is reporting via The Sun that, as long as QPR is willing to pay part of the wages, Cardiff City would be interested in bringing Park in for a season, or possibly on-loan. Why? Marketing of course. Cardiff City, like QPR, is owned by an Asian business man, and is looking to boost the club’s profile in Asia. What better way to do that than by bringing in Asia’s most high profile player?

Lee Chung-Yong

News is a bit more depressing for Lee Chung-Yong. Chosun Ilbo is reporting (but naming their source, if there is one) that Bolton has decided to keep Lee Chung-Yong. Now this can be translated a couple ways. A) Bolton does not want to sell, but will given the right offer, or B) Bolton will not sell him period. I believe (and hope) that situation A is correct. It’s difficult to imagine that a club who wants to be promoted would be willing to turn down a good offer for a player. Yes, Lee was one of the club’s better players in the second half of the season, but if invested wisely, his sale could help the team strengthen in a couple areas.

Son Heung-Min

Finally, the Son to Dortmund rumors appear to be gaining steam. With Mario Gotze already on his way to Dortmund (which should make for an awkward Champions League meeting with soon-to-be employers Munich), and Robert Lewandowski possibly joining him (or going elsewhere), Son has reportedly become prime target number 1 for Dortmund to replace one of the two. Chosun Ilbo via Bild is reporting that Dortmund is preparing a 10-15 million Euro bid for Son with a decision to be made by the end of the season. Hamburg’s management seem more willing to sell than in recent times with both Carl-Edgar Jarchow (Chairman) and Thorsten Fink (Manager) admitting that selling may happen, and be necessary.

Park Chu-Young

Not a transfer rumor, but the last story in the Chosun Ilbo article was about Park Chu-Young, and just another reminder that the club and fans in Vigo are less-than-happy with his performance and move to Spain. Park is still out injured as Los Celestes inch closer to relegation.


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