Road To Russia: The Colombia Preview (Not really) + TAVERN LIVE!

A quick, factual roundup given that we’ve already covered the squad selection and the Korean side of the equation in our November preview series:

Potential Korean Lineup

No idea.

If Shin sticks to his 3-4-3 experiment, then this could be a feasible lineup.

A more Tim fused with Shin kind of lineup would see me try this:

Though you’d probably need more defensive cover for Colombia.

Colombian vibes

Colombia regorges in talent. Here’s three names to look out for:

Davinson Sanches: Son Heungmin’s teammate at Spurs, Davinson as eased into a key role in Champions Leagues fixtures for Spurs, with the young centreback combining combativity and speed with calm. Though Colombia are still figuring out how to integrate the youngster, individual quality like this on the back end will make life stuff for Korea’s sparse options.
James Rodriguez: Duh. Real Madrid startlet, now on loan at Bayern, and though he’s only played a few games, he’s shown his quality in all of them. Colombia’s poster-boy and his dangerous left foot is plastered all across the news and the advertising for this friendly, with the midfield usually playing a fluid role either on the left on behind the striker according to recent qualifier lineups.
Carlos Bacca: The kind of striker Korea struggles with. He’s got the usual talents of the modern striker – quick, intuitive, strong – but he combines this with confidence and composure in front of goal. The former Sevilla and AC Milan man now plies his trade at Villareal, where he’s had a tough start of the season for club, but with 3 goals in qualifying and bags of chances remains a decisive threat for country.

Incidentally These Football Times have a feature on Bacca’s story.

The Skinny

Korea vs Colombia

International Friendly

November 10th, 2017

Suwon World Cup Stadium – The “Big Bird”

TV: MBC, Naver

Sell-out expected


Stream permitting, the Tavern will live stream the game on our Facebook page. I’ll provide mediocre commentary, but you’ll have to live with it, that’s probably the only way we avoid getting slapped by DMCA laws (since I’m “commenting” on the content). Feel free to send in your questions and I’ll answer them on the broadcast. If a lot of you turn up, could be a fun way to virtually tune in.

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