FC Seoul-Hiroshima Match of the Day

Over the past few days, Jinseok and I have been busy at work planning the second edition of a Tavern Highlights show – though this time, we’re calling it “Match of the Day”. Sort of a rip-off of off the BBC Match of the Day, so you can get what kind of show we’re trying to get at.

There were A LOT of technology blips and I wasn’t sure we were going to make it. You’ll notice the pre-match video resolution isn’t perfect, the audio falls out of sync during the highlights and our “post match analysis” didn’t make the cut. However, we always complain about the ACL not giving us comprehensive highlights, so we’ve got a fairly good 7 minute highlight reel of FC Seoul vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima, including pre-match analysis of the lineups.

Match of the Day will be back on March 12th for FC Seoul vs Jeonbuk – the K League season opener! We want to make a show that fixes all the bugs we had above, and we see potential in this project – but WE NEED YOUR HELP. Please tune in to Match of the Day below and let us know what you liked and disliked in the comments section below!!


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  1. The old Tavern Owner will kick off the comments, despite technical difficulties, great job all around! I enjoyed the commentaries and preview …Truth be told, as someone not as familiar with K League and J League football, this gave me a sense of what to look out for. Super result for FC Seoul to haven beaten J League champs, looking forward to more ACL and the start of the K league season.

    • Saw comment on Twitter saying it was Hiroshima’s subteam, can anyone confirm/deny?
      Adriano is absolutely on fire, the only thing i worry about is if he get’s injured or the next transfer season, Chinese teams will come knocking.
      On the other hand, its good to see Guangzhou losing and hopefully they won’t make it out of the group stage.

      • So I did look at Hiroshima’s previous matches and i don’t know what’s a B team and what’s an A team because litearlly all 3 matches there was quite a bit of rotation… but it is true that first team player Aoyama and one more guy (the RW with a K in his name) played both past games but not this one.

      • There were a couple players missing as Jinseok’s investigation finds, but poor efforts from Hiroshima regardless.

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