South Korea to Play USA

It was announced yesterday that the US men’s team will play South Korea in a friendly next year. The announcement was made on the USMNT website. The game will be at 2PM, February 1st in Carson, California (congrats west coast fans). Tickets will go on sale this Friday. That makes Korea’s US schedule something along the lines of Mexico (San Antonio), Costa Rica (unconfirmed), and the US (Carson).

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  1. I live in Vancouver, BC and am seriously considering going to the match in LA. Before tickets go on sale this Friday morning, I have some questions wondering if anyone here could help me; much appreciated for someone who has never done this before and has no clue about attending foreign matches.

    How much are the tickets expected to be for both lower bowl (preferably first row near where the players walk out) and the nosebleeds?

    Airfare isn’t that expensive, so once I get tickets and accommodation sorted out I am pretty sure I am a 100% go.

    Once again, thanks in advance!

  2. So basically USA and Costa Rica would have its full strength squad while Mexico and Korea will only use its domestic league players?

    • No, all will be about half-strength. Both the US and Costa Rica have a number of players in Europe, but they’re in smaller leagues like Belgium, Sweden, etc. Of the four teams, I’d say Mexico will have the strongest squad as only a few key players like Dos Santos, Vela (who hasn’t been called lately anyway), Hernandez, and Guardado are in Europe. The team that beat New Zealand in the playoff was entirely composed of domestic players.

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