South Korea v Japan Sept 25: U-16 AFC Championship group match

Haniljeon 한일전 alert: If you’re on the east coast of the US of A like I am, set your alarms early because South Korea’s Taeguk Warriors are set to play Japan Tuesday morning at 5:30am EST. Bloody hell, it’s an early one, but if you’re on the other other side of the pond, game time there is 7:00pm Korea time.  It’s the AFC U-16 Championship group stage match.  Yesterday early South Korea beat North Korea 3-0. Forward Hwang Hee Chan got the hat trick. He also received a yellow card in the game.

It looks like the AFC is providing streaming for the game at

[UPDATE: 2nd half underway. So far so good for U-16 Taeguk Warriors: score S Korea 2-1 Japan with HWANG HEE CHAN and CHOI JUYONG finding the back of the net.  LIVE Twitter updates at taeguk_warrior  ]

Tomorrow I’ll try to give an update on the game.  In the meantime, the Koreans Footballers Abroad blog has a concise update on all Koreans seeing action last weekend (in one word: epic!) plus a checklist of teams featuring Koreans abroad playing games midweek on Tuesday and Wednesday  Check it out here.

Lastly, I will have to update some of my previous posts, but add another impressive stat: it appears that Park Chu-Young is the first Taeguk Warrior to score a goal in La Liga history.  Nice!  Tavern closing early -time for sleep and dreaming of more Haniljeon victories tomorrow!


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  1. I remember when Lee Chun Soo became the first Korean to play in La Liga.. Glad Park Chu Young got off to a better start. I’m expecting big things!

    • Expecting big things- no doubt! Now PCY is unleashed, speculation time on how many he can score in La Liga. I’m going out on a limb: at least over the 12 goals he scored for AS Monaco his last season with them.

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