Tavern Google Hangout #3

The next Google Hangout with Roy, Jinseok, and Jae is on the way! With no major national team things going on, we’re turning our attention to the club scene! We’ll discuss our boys in Europe, the K League, AFC Champions League, the Asian Cup draw, your questions, and maybe some random football stuff.

What: Tavern Google Hangout #3
When: US – Sunday, March 30 5PM EDT/Korea – Monday, March 31 6AM KST
Where: Google Hangout (link to come soon)

If you have questions or topics you’d like to hear us discuss, leave them in the comments section here or send Jae (@busaniparkeng) or Roy (@taegukwarrior) a tweet. Questions can be anything you want to ask us.

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  1. Who will be our goalie? I have very little faith in Jung Sung Ryong and I feel the national team needs to give Kim Seung Gyu or Kim Jin Hyeon the nod.

    I know that age and experience are huge in Korean culture but we need to put the best players out there without regard to such traditions.

  2. Ki Seungyong scored and Liverpool won. Good day for me. However, this would be an interesting topic to talk about. A couple of people, including myself, have commented in the past that Ki tends to be more of a big match player and doesn’t show the consistency against weaker opponents. Is that a fair assessment to the tavern writers? I dont’ get worried about Ki when it comes to the KMNT, especially in the World Cup, since those are always big matches, but I have to admit that it’s a bit disappointing to his overall development. However, perhaps it’s an unfair statement, and if so, it would be nice to hear a good explanation.

  3. Will Son live on from the goal he scored against Augsburg and score plenty more goals in the Bundesliga (specifically Dortmund)?

  4. Korea is once again put in with Australia in the group stage of the Asian Cup. Will Korea power over Oman, Kuwait, and Australia to be on top of the group or will Korea come in at second? Will the Quarter Finals be easy or tough for Korea?

  5. What are your thoughts and the Asian Cup and its importance from a Korean point of view? What are its advantages/disadvantages? Many people on BigSoccer believe it is not as important as a tournament with exemption, but for me the Confederations Cup birth does weigh in a lot. Your opinions?

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