Tavern Hangout Live: Asian Games + post U16 Tournament: the Lee Seung-Woo question

Got a great way to start the weekend: It’s another Tavern Live event! Hangout with the Tavern as our writers/contributors discuss Korea’s hunt for Asia Gold & military exemption AND talk about the future. Namely what to do about Barcelona prodigy star Lee Seung-Woo, who along with Korea’s U16 mates had an impressive (and widely talked about) AFC tournament. Could he – should he – be fast tracked to join up with the senior Korea National team?

Join us live (or on demand later): FRIDAY 6pm US EST  / SATURDAY 7am Korea Time

BTW, midweek update coming soon. Some of you know yesterday Son Heung-Min scored his 2nd Bundesliga goal of the season  -we got the breakdown and the video replay.

We also have Asian Games mens round of 16 match results just in: Korea 3 : Hong Kong 0.  Lee Yong-Jae, Kim Jin-Su and Park Joo-Ho scored.  But with so many other scoring opportunities squandered, is this really a positive result -especially when a haniljeon with Japan looms in the quarterfinals?   Women’s quarterfinals will be on Friday.

Submit questions before hand in the comment section below or ask in real time via twitter. The old Tavern owner’s twitter handle is @taeguk_warrior – which you can also access in the sidebar at the Tavern.

Jae is @ArmchairRegista.

Jinseok is @HangukChukgu.

Tim is @korfan12.

We may have Takeuchi also on board for the Hangout.  His is @takeuchee

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  1. Hey, does anybody know why Lee Kang In didn’t participate in the U-17 Asian Cup. From all I gather he is supposed to be the 2nd best prospect we have.

    • We might mention Lee Kang-In but he’s 13 years old – the coaching staff just thought he was too young. He may get chances for U16 in the next 2 years – we’ll see how he progresses at Valencia

    • Yeah, Lee Kang-In is a very good prospect but he’s super young. wouldn’t call him the 2nd best prospect we have – he’s only 13, and he’s still got a long ways to go in terms of development.

      He’s more of a hopeful long-term project. Don’t expect to see him play for the U-17’s for 2/3 years.

  2. Watching Roy watching highlights that he wanted us to see was hilarious. There always seems to be one of these picodillies on each episode (church bells). Could not stop laughing.

    Anyways that was very interesting to here LSW dove a lot during the tournament. An obvious product of being schooled in Spain. Kinda cool…kinda not.

  3. Lol. Thanks for mentioning our “argument” about what “fast-track” “means.” The funny thing is the 3 of us actually agreed with Jae’s plan (regardless of what we called it).

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