Tavern Hangout LIVE May 9 US/May 10 in Korea: World Cup Roster unveiled

Hong Myong-Bo will release Korea’s official 23 man roster for the World Cup in an hour. The Tavern writers will deconstruct Hong’s lineup during a LIVE event –  FRIDAY MAY 9 at 6pm US EST / in Korea SATURDAY MAY 10.

We’re very excited about the announcement -please join us from where ever you are around the globe, and if you’re of legal age, raise a glass of soju or makoli, and if you’re not – raise a glass of soju or makoli (just kidding).

You can live tweet us during the event -the old Tavern owner’s twitter handle is taeguk_warrior.  Jae is at KoreaChukGu

I’m experimenting further with the live video broadcast nature of the event, so we’ll try to have some visual elements to help.  Not that we are suddenly ESPN mind you. This is a Tavern, not a bloody multi-billion dollar operation.

If you miss it – it will be archived and you can view the hangout after the event – we’ll also post it in the podcast/hangout tab in the Tavern.

Dae Han Min Guk ya’ll

and for something entirely different…

ESPN is gearing up for the World Cup, this commercial was airing that featured Korean supporters sporting the KNT home jersey. Oddly enough the ‘yong-doeng-seng’ of the Korean video gamers is seen expressing her love for Ronaldo. Boooooooo!!

LG is capitalizing on it’s jersey sponsorship with Bayer Leverkusen and a particular Son Heung-Min on the squad.  I can’t believe I’m airing another damn commercial, but for what it’s worth:



what the bloody hell, another corporate sponsored event- but I can’t resist sharing this: Hyundai in partnership with FIFA is conducting an online vote in where people can select their team’s slogan that will be on each national team’s bus. You can take a look and vote here.

Honestly, if I’m going by their english translations, I’m not feeling it regarding the choices for Korea’s bus.  This screenshot shows Japan’s choices vs Korea’s…well, I don’t know Japan fares any better.  Maybe Blue Samurai supporters can pick “one spirit, one team, one win,” –which if proven true could make it a short trip in Brazil…

FIFA.com Tour Bus slogan choices




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