Tavern Mailbag (Apr ’16)

Resurrecting an old idea. Welcome back to the Tavern Mailbag. For those of you who weren’t around for the last edition of this (August 2014..!), the rules are simple. Submit a question in the comments below or on Twitter. It has to be Korean footy related (obviously). We’ll get as many Tavern writers/contributors to answer you as soon as possible in a post in a couple of weeks.

Ask away!

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  1. 1) Who do you think will be relegated from this season’s K-League Classic?
    2) How far do you think will the korean teams fare in this year’s ACL?

  2. Do you think there was an underlying fear or resentment towards promising un-Europeans with that whole Barcelona ban. I still struggle to justify how punishing what a club did by banning young players from playing competitive sport is actually a proper punishment. Seems so strange that they even considered banning the 4 or 5 youth players….

  3. Who is currently the most promising and skilled Korean coach?
    Any chance of Gyeongnam FC going back to K-League Classic any time soon?

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