Tavern Mailbag (Aug. ’14)

So, it’s August. European club football is about to re-start, a new dawn (hopefully) is about to emerge for the national team, and the Korean domestic league is in full swing.

So, we’ll give readers a chance to get the discussions going. As always, if you have a question you’d like the contributors here to answer. Leave it in the comments and in a couple weeks we’ll post our responses.


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  1. Does South Korea realize or have any plans to ease or cancel military conscription for professional soccer players? Maybe not the ones playing in South Korea, but perhaps those playing in top flight European leagues?

    • I could answer that one, Lionel, though I don’t mean to steal any thunder or the opportunity for Roy to get on his soapbox, but the answer is one word. NO. They have no plans to do that, nor do they ‘realize’ it. They are aware of the ways in which it affects careers, for sure. However, there isn’t really anything to ‘realize.’ The assumption in that word is that canceling conscription is, in fact, the correct thing to do. That’s debatable depending on what your end is. Sure, if you want an improved KMNT, then it would make sense, but the interests of South Korea lies far beyond catering to a handful of players. Frankly, conscription needs to go period, and not just for the best athletes of the most popular sports. I fully agree with Roy’s reasons regarding how it is best for Korean Soccer that they do, but it’s unfair to so many Korean men (if not all Korean men) that these athletes get to get out of conscription while others with their talents and gifts that may not be athletic can’t get exemptions. So, personally, I feel bad for the players, but I don’t advocate for something like exemptions for soccer players. I would just rather advocate for the abolition of conscription altogether or flexibility in terms of how conscription is enforced. Frankly, the latter option is more practical and amenable to the government.

      • No, they shouldn’t be exempt. Instead, they should be delayed. You’re still pretty hardy at 32-35 when most players retire. Definitely not an old age. Beckham, although he was a freak altogether, played till he was 38

  2. Any word on the status of Park Chu Young? Last I heard, he was being courted by Bursapor and briefly a hint at transfer to Sunderland at Poyet’s desperation to get a striker?

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