Tavern Match of the Day: Seongnam FC – Pohang: Part 1

A massive hassle with our MotD packages was that 1) it took FOREVER to save, and 2) it took FOREVER to upload – Youtube often would give me waiting times of 8-12 hours. We have thought of some solutions to this, and one of them was to split the package into two. With this, I have been able to upload the match in only 30 minutes!! I wanted to do preview + highlights for Part 1 then analysis + highlight reel of the rest of the games for Part 2. But this time it’s so late that all my friends are asleep (and I have to wake up in only 6 hours) that I kept the Part 1 to just the preview and the first half of highlights. Next time, the full highlights  + preview will come out in Part 1. If we see that this divided format works better than our old format, that is.

From this experiment I have learned that I sacrificed quality for speed a little more than I would have liked. However, it’s nice to know that a 9 minute highlight reel in regular quality will upload in 30 minutes. 33 minute highlight reels in HD took 10 hours. I suspect that the fact that spotv carries with it audio but Screen-o-Matic recordings do not also contribute to the drastic difference.

Also, because Tim could not join me, we unfortunately do not have his wonderful preview trick with the fancy logos and font. He is responsible for the preview while I’m responsible for the video editing – since Tim is off his computer for the next couple of days, I tried my best to makeshift the preview haha…

Enjoy! The quality isn’t good right now, but it will get better as time goes on.

*In my haste to see how fast I could get this MotD out, I accidentally made two errors in my preview.


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  1. Yo! does anyone know where or how we can get Korean National Team football merchandise? I wanna take a bit with me every time I play but can’t seem to find much on the internet. Shin guards preferably!

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