Tavern Podcast: Answering Patreon Questions Ahead of Sweden

THIS IS SO LAST-MINUTE! Just like Shin Tae-yong’s preparation for the Sweden match…

No but seriously, there’s probably some times we go “ah we have to edit this out” in the pod below, but we lost half of our files and it’s been a crazy day and aah! The game is in less than 12 hours.

We did manage to salvage our answers to Patreon questions ahead of the match, including what formation we’ll play, the role of Lee Yong and the Spanish coaches, star players ahead of the match and who we’ll think will win the World Cup.

Check it out!


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  1. This has been such an ugly game- so many damn fouls. Bring on Lee Seung Woo!
    Damn, so far Sweden could have scored so many times. Cho man of the match so far- he’s my new favorite KNT player haha. If it ends 0-0 we should actually consider ourselves lucky because Sweden has been so toothless (hate to say it because we need the win!). If Germany or Mexico had Sweden’s chances against us, they would bury them.

    • So, Shin’s “tricks” = starting Kim Shinwook, trying to get things going via longgball, and completely taking Son and Hwang out of the game. Got it!

      FINALLY Lee Seung Woo. Might be too late though..

      • The one game we had to win. Was I wrong to hope for more? Perhaps… oh well. First time Korea has lost their opening WC game since 1998. Pretty much shows where we’re at to be honest.

  2. Caught some of the game, 1st time really I got eyes on the KNT, and I completely agree w/ Jon, that was ugly. It was even a fair result, Sweden deserved the ugly ugly win. Reminds me of something the Mexican coach said, don’t play out of fear of losing, play for joy of winning; SK played to avoid loss. This will never get them anywhere.

    In another post here, that Swedish journo mentioned how everyone knew that SK’s defense was crappy, and even during the broadcast an announcer noted how defensive lack of organization was a running theme w/ SK. From what I know, its been a running theme post-2002. So if everyone the world over knows how crappy SK’s defense is… why hasn’t fixing this been a top priority?

    Here’s a comment I came across by a Brit who visited Korea:

    BenFetch urugollum 9 Jun 2018 8:35

    Koreans are football crazy. When I’ve played in tournaments here, they have a lot of skill and a lot of energy but are prone to lapses in concentration and positioning. I played with a lot of students who, with the right coaching would do well. Part of the problem is they don’t play competitive games in elementary school and don’t have proper training. In England, we learn at elementary school what position we are good at and then generally stick to that. In Korea, when students go to middle school the older they get, the further up the pitch they go, so it isn’t linked with what position they play best, because the older boys only want to play up front. That is the mindset. Also the young footballers, who get into their provincial sides essentially give up studying. At high school, they’ll have classes in the morning but are not expected to do anything and are generally quite arrogant about they fact they are footballers and don’t need to study. So when they don’t make it, they have zilch to fall back on. It is changing, mind, but ever so slowly.

    Well, realistically SK are done. Won’t try to be too down, Like Jon said, LSW coming on was a breath of fresh air compared to what transpired before, more zip and life. Though SK probly won’t advance, here’s to hoping they can learn a lot, adapt, honestly recognize shortcomings and address them. Since there’s nothing to lose anymore so to speak, play for joy of, if not winning, then joy of playing well and getting better. And more LSW less wookie (someone please tell me how he’s not 6 and a 1/2 feet of useless); have LSW grow, show his quality, so he gets more minutes from his pro team. Then in 4 yrs, who knows.

    P.S. I’ll probly be rooting for Mexico now (except against SK ofc);THAT was a fun team!

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