Tavern Podcast – Episode 3: A Victory Away

In Episode 3 of the Tavern Podcast, I’m joined by the Old Tavern Owner Roy Ghim, KFA freelance translator & contributor Jae Chee as well as the current Tavern Owner Jinseok Yang. We discuss Korea’s lacklustre U23 Quarterfinal against Jordan and look ahead to a daunting semi final against the flamboyant Qataris, knowing that a victory would suffice to send the Koreans to Rio. We also chat KPA’s, including Son Heungmin & Suk Hyunjun.

Apologies about last week. We had recorded a podcast but the audio quality failed on us and it wasn’t worth spending the 20 hours editing it. We’ll have a Tavern Extra Time Podcast last this week to make up for it – we’ll chat about the FIFA Ban, Barca Boys and some other random musings.

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