Tavern Podcast: Korea loses Asian Cup but wins back their mojo

An emotional rollercoaster ride for the Taeguk Warriors last weekend ends with a heroes welcome back to Seoul, this despite not winning the Asian Cup trophy in the final showdown with hosts Australia. So Close, and yet, Korea seems to have some momentum at their backs. The Tavern’s newest podcast looks back at Korea’s adventure down under for the 2015 Asian Cup, examine the impact players, breakdown the final game, and finally where Korea goes from from here. Click below for the podcast:

Tavern Podcast episode: Korea Loses the Asian Cup but regains their Mojo


Join Tavern writers Jae Chee (well, newly departed from the Tavern), Jinseok Yang, Tim Lee and our newest contributor, Steve Han, a sports writer for Koream, Goal.com and Sports Chosun and the old Tavern owner in this new Tavern podcast. In case you missed it — Click below to listen to the podcast:

Tavern Podcast episode: Korea Loses the Asian Cup but regains their Mojo


There’s a companion ‘extra time’ podcast coming soon, we just couldn’t fit it all in – and it will be Jae’s last episode with the Tavern – we give him a roasting before we let him go. Just kidding, no roasting but it’ll be a short but sweet episode.

If other Tavern writers forgot to add anything to the podcast – feel free to add to this post.

I know what I forgot to say: I’m glad to some extent Australia won the cup. That sounds sacrilegious but hold on, before I get skewered further, just listen. Australia won the cup for their first time. The whole continent is excited, and I say bravo.  Since they’ve joined the AFC in 2006, Australia’s presence is not a negative for Asian football (as some middle eastern FA’s controversially claimed). In fact, a competitive Australia is good for all of Asian football. It should spur everyone in the region to improve. Listen, you want more competition, not less to improve the overall calibre and character of Asian football.  That is, in the long run, as much as I feel gutted over Korea’s loss in the finals, it may benefit Korea in the long run.  No worries, Korea will be back in the hunt for the Cup – but the encouragement they’ve received should help them pick up their kibun and get back to training – to keep up the hard work – make the improvements needed. And believe me, there’s a lot of work to be done in Korean football, large and small, both on and off the pitch.

So Western Sydney Australia wins the Asian Champions League, the A-League had higher attendance last season than the K-League, and now the Socceroos nab the Asian Cup.  Korea, it’s your move. Game on.

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  1. Regarding HSH at Kashima..

    1. Yea, it was reported Kashima signed him as full-back option. However, don’t expect him to play RB since Kashima has a very good RB in Daigo Nishi. I expect him to be utility player (as he was at Hiroshima) again, or win a starting spot as LB or perhaps as CB. Better yet, I’m hoping he becomes a starter for Kashima as CB. Like HJH, he is often injured & it has really slowed down his progress.

    About KJH

    1. At Cerezo Osaka last year, he was atrocious to be honest (made too many JSR esque blunders). His forte is his feet & distribution of the ball (he sucked at the Asian Cup in this aspect). KJH played a big part in Cerezo Osaka getting relegated last season.. so.. don’t expect him to leave as he feels responsible.

    Regarding KCS

    1. When he did get minutes, he was often a wing-back or played in midfield for Kashiwa Reysol. Ironic, isn’t it?

    Regarding OJS

    1. Not a big fan of him but considering the lack of depth at RB position, it can’t hurt to try him over KCS and so forth.

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