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Podcast Podcast Podcast! We’re very excited to present our 2nd ever podcast, (technically it’s a soundcloud stream, but it’s all semantics, dig?).  An improvement in production values from last year’s podcast, but like the Tavern, it still has some rough edges – but hey, it’s providing character.  I’m psyched – it’s the first time our Tavern writers have assembled in one cyber tavern – to wrangle with all things related to Korean football: Jae Chee, on the mic from Studio Tavern Korea and Jinseok Yang dropping in from Connecticut, and yours truly, the old Tavern owner.
Right up front we discuss the upcoming international friendlies between South Korea and Switzerland (Nov 15) and Russia (Nov 19) and what to look out for with the roster Hong Myong-bo called up for duty. Left off the roster: Park Chu-Young.  Can the KNT afford to leave out the Arsenal man?  But wait, Arsene Wenger hadn’t forgotten about him – he played (a much talked about ) several minutes in last week’s League Cup game against Chelsea. What does that mean? Can Park rejoin the KNT?  Despite not getting regular playing time, is Park the solution to the KNT striker woes?

Among other topics to muse about, would expanding the World Cup to 40 nations be a something Asian countries can take advantage of – enough to dare challenge conventional wisdom about overcoming European and South American hegemony to win the whole damn thing?  Jinseok gives an update on the Korean youth players on Barcelona’s La Masia academy. Also, Lee Young-Pyo (who just retired for good in Vancouver) his importance for the KNT as one of most celebrated and capped left back player in Korean football history.  Finally we talk about the upcoming Asian Champions League final Saturday morning between FC Seoul and Evergrande – does FC Seoul have enough character and talent to overcome Marcello Lippi’s moneyed squad?

Anyway, we think you’ll like it. Thank you to Jae (who had to wake up at 6 AM to record this) and Jinseok for saving the podcast when the Tavern’s computers were acting up. If you have questions / comments / this post and the comment section below is the perfect place to bring ’em on board!

[Production note: I ran into some technical glitches during the recording so I did my best to patch them up with some editing magic. So if you can forgive some of the audio quality gaps, I still think you’ll find it’s a pretty damn good podcast].


PS, a really hilarious and quite energetic iphone video captured this scene after Cardiff’s derby win over Swansea. The supporters inside Cardiff City Stadium are chanting Gary Medel’s name over and over – and doing the same for Kim Bo-Kyung.  Man, if this is what it’s like to be a supporter over in Wales, sign me up –seems like an opportunity to lose your sanity not to be missed!


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  1. Yay! Please continue the podcasts! It was a great read (or rather, listen)! Just a tad louder next time would be nice, had everything on 100 and still was a little hard to hear. Notwithstanding, I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast!!!

      • Ah! right on! [your check is in the mail!] just kidding – really I’m psyched you liked the podcast! We were talking after recording the session and Jae mentioned the idea that people can send in questions/comments to the Tavern writers before the next podcast – if the schedule gods allow for another one. There’s always lots to talk about before the upcoming world cup…

    • Thank you for that input- yeah – I apologize that the volume was low- I had an epic malfunction with my recording software when we did the session – but the inside scoop was Jinseok had a backup recording and saved the day. Any audio deficits was totally my fault – we’ll get the volume right next time. I’m really glad you liked it!

      • we really really loved it way better to hear u guys in one spot talking about stuff

        can we have this frequently like weekly podcast?

        • Thanks – and what’s that you say? – weekly podcast!?! I’d personally love to but with the amount of time it takes to prepare / record and edit -I think the Tavern wife would call that the final straw and leave me!! My kids would revolt. Honestly unless somehow I could make the Tavern a full time job that could pay the bills (it doesn’t and in fact the web hosting ends up being another bill!) I just couldn’t justify the amount of time to do it weekly. As a labor of love – the Tavern writers could do it periodically – but again – it would be a matter of finding the time and aligning the schedules – difficult to do with Jae in Busan, me near DC and Jinseok in Conn.

        • Have to agree with Roy and say that weekly is pushing it. I think monthly could be realistic though (although I’m not the one doing the post-production). Honestly, right now there’s plenty to talk about with the friendlies upcoming and whatnot, but in the winter, like January and February and such, I don’t think there’ll be much beyond the Euro players. I think MAYBE there will be one after the friendlies in next couple weeks, and then one for the World Cup draw next month. It might just be something that comes around when there are special events to discuss. Like Roy said, all of us have other jobs and responsibilities that unfortunately take priority.

          I think the only way that a weekly, or even bi-monthly pod, could take place is if there was a reader who has experience doing, and was willing to, handle the post-production aspects (without pay of course). But even then it’d be difficult. But, glad to hear people enjoyed it. We had fun doing it. It’s the first time all three of have talked live with each other.

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