The Tavern Mailbag May Edition

Like any good tavern, Tavern of the Taeguk Warrior employs a few good-hearted, and somewhat knowledgeable, men. The first mailbag got a good first response, so let’s give another go! Same thing as last time. Got a question? Ask in the comments section below, and the Tavern staff will try to answer it.

Remember, your question can be in regards to basically anything. South Korea, Korean football, the K League, football in general, whatever you want to ask (but keep it clean please).

If you would like a specific Tavern worker to answer the question (that would be Roy, Jinseok, or Jae) then you can specifically address the question to them. Don’t have a specific person in mind, then one, or all, of us will answer. But just as a reminder, here are each Tavern employees’ area of expertise: Roy – Koreans in Europe, Jinseok – youth teams and players, Jae – senior squad and tactics.

Questions will be accepted for a week or so, and then answers to questions will be posted later.

Cool? Any questions or comments about the mailbag idea can be . . . you guessed it, Left in the comments.


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  1. Moving a question asked by David:

    If Park Ji-Sung were to move to a better club (because qpr will probably let him go) where would he go?

  2. Hey guys,

    not really for the mailbag.

    Are you aware your site is down half of the time?

    • It is? That’s troubling. If I can ask (and I may have to repeat the question to others in a separate post): are other people experiencing the same thing? Is it down quite often?

      • Jae here, I don’t often visit the regular site, but on a couple occasions within the past month when I have, I’ve noticed the site doesn’t load. Also, if I try to comment directly on the page (rather than through the admin section) it often has issues. Not sure if it’s related.

        • “half of the time” may be exaggerated, but yeah, it happens quite often. The site just doesn’t load up.

  3. Jae:

    How is Kim SHin wook?

    I have not watched his matches and i am hearing that he is moving to Europe next season

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