The Tavern Mailbag May Edition

Like any good tavern, Tavern of the Taeguk Warrior employs a few good-hearted, and somewhat knowledgeable, men. The first mailbag got a good first response, so let’s give another go! Same thing as last time. Got a question? Ask in the comments section below, and the Tavern staff will try to answer it.

Remember, your question can be in regards to basically anything. South Korea, Korean football, the K League, football in general, whatever you want to ask (but keep it clean please).

If you would like a specific Tavern worker to answer the question (that would be Roy, Jinseok, or Jae) then you can specifically address the question to them. Don’t have a specific person in mind, then one, or all, of us will answer. But just as a reminder, here are each Tavern employees’ area of expertise: Roy – Koreans in Europe, Jinseok – youth teams and players, Jae – senior squad and tactics.

Questions will be accepted for a week or so, and then answers to questions will be posted later.

Cool? Any questions or comments about the mailbag idea can be . . . you guessed it, Left in the comments.


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    • It is? That’s troubling. If I can ask (and I may have to repeat the question to others in a separate post): are other people experiencing the same thing? Is it down quite often?

      • Jae here, I don’t often visit the regular site, but on a couple occasions within the past month when I have, I’ve noticed the site doesn’t load. Also, if I try to comment directly on the page (rather than through the admin section) it often has issues. Not sure if it’s related.

        • “half of the time” may be exaggerated, but yeah, it happens quite often. The site just doesn’t load up.

  1. Jae:

    How is Kim SHin wook?

    I have not watched his matches and i am hearing that he is moving to Europe next season

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