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Like any good tavern, Tavern of the Taeguk Warrior employs a few good-hearted, and somewhat knowledgeable, men. I don’t know if this feature will be popular, but I thought I’d try it out to see what kind of response it gets. The premise is simple. Got a question? Ask in the comments section below, and the Tavern staff will try to answer it.

Your question can be in regards to basically anything. South Korea, Korean football, the K League, football in general, whatever you want to ask (but keep it clean please).

If you would like a specific Tavern worker to answer the question (that would be Roy, Jinseok, or Jae) then you can specifically address the question to them. Don’t have a specific person in mind, then one of us will answer. But just as a reminder here are each Tavern employees’ area of expertise: Roy – Koreans in Europe, Jinseok – youth teams and players, Jae – senior squad and tactics.

Questions will be accepted for a week or so, and then answers to questions will be posted later.

Cool? Any questions or comments about the mailbag idea can be . . . you guessed it, Left in the comments.


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    • Just speaking as Tavern owner, this might sound too ridiculously obvious but it may come down to the group they’re drawn in. There’s talent and in some positions – raw talent, and a questionable defense that might be able to pull together (aka Summer Olympic style). Therefore, if they draw with a favorable group, I can see them advancing and gaining momentum in whatever round of 16 adventure they encounter. Group of death – judging by how haphazardly boss Choi Kang-Hee is managing things, I just don’t see how they can pull their squad to connect with each other to adequately face stiffer international competition. Now if Hong Myung-Bo were to enter the picture…it’s just a matter of how much damage to team morale before he can right they ship – could there be enough time? Hard to speculate on such a hypothetical.

  1. Do you guys know if there’s any chance that Park Ji sung could come back from retirement to play the 2014 world cup?
    This man is irreplaceable for any team in the world. I can’t understand his decision to retire. He’ll only be 33 in 2014 and that is still young for a player like Park.
    Even if things were going well with the national team (what a joke), he would be a superb sub or heck he could let the current attackers play and he could move his position to one of wing back or play double pivot with Ki. Ridiculous? He is one of the most multifaceted world class players out there, he would do marvelously at right back or left back.

    If I had some kind of influence over Korean football I’d try bringing him back. He is just too good.

  2. What do you guys think the Korean team will look like in Qatar 2020? I know it’s a stretch but I just wanted to share something with you guys. I thought about what the Korean team would look like in about 10 years time and I have high hopes Korea can build a team to compete against the best in Europe and South America.

    Check out this piece of a team! (in parentheses their approximate age in about 9 years)

    Lee Seung Woo(24)

    Son (29) Lee Kang In(Valencia Star 20) Lee Chung Yong (33)

    Ki (32) Paik Seung Ho (24)

    Yun Suk Young Fill in with Korean fussball defenders Jang(Barcelona 24)

    GK: that Korean-Russian Kid

    Manager: Mr. Park Ji Sung (LOLOL)

    I know the ages aren’t quite right. Sorry, I don’t have too much time to put into this XD.

    Jang’s position is a bit random yea.
    We’d have a nice bench with the likes of Ji, Suk, Koo, Kim bo Kyung with a bit more age. We’ll also be getting a few more quality players that at least I still don’t know of yet.

    If we can get some proper defenders I’d give Korea a 1:20 chance of winning the 2022 WC. Call me crazy all you want, this is a beast of a team if all the Korean promises actually reach their expected levels.

    Do you guys know of any other up and coming Korean stars?
    What would be your starting 11 in about 10 years time?

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