Week listings and previews for our Korean Players Aboard May 7-8

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Week listings and previews for our Korean Players Abroad. May 2016 FIFA rankings are out, we moved up two ranks but we are now the 3rd best team in the AFC after Iran and Australia. This month’s ranking places us at 54. It was good to see Son Heung-Min start last week and produce a goal. Lots of interesting things happened this week, further details will be provided below. Match to watch this week: Augsburg vs Schalke.

Day Time (ET) Player Club Opponent
Saturday 9:30AM Kim Jin-Su Hoffenheim @Hannover
Saturday 9:30AM Park Joo-Ho Borussia Dortmund @Frankfurt
Saturday 9:30AM Ji Dong-Won Augsburg @Schalke
Saturday 9:30AM Hong Jeong-Ho Augsburg @Schalke
Saturday 9:30AM Koo Ja-Cheol Augsburg @Schalke
Saturday TBD Lee Chung-Yong @Crystal Palace Stoke City
Saturday TBD Ki Sung-Yueng Swansea @West Ham
Saturday 11:15AM Suk Hyun-Jun FC Porto @Rio Ave
Sunday 8:30AM Son Heung-Min @Tottenham Hotspur Southampton

Kim Jin-Su is still suffering from his injuries, he was excluded from the squad list last week. I expect it to be the same this week too.

Park Joo-Ho was not included in the squad list last week against Wolfsburg I expect it to be the same this week too. The gap between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund is only 5 points but if Bayern Munich wins this week and Borussia Dortmund loses they are the 2015-16 Bundesliga champions. Hopefully that does not happen. I want to see BVB fight for the title till the end. There has been news travelling around stating that Park Joo-Ho will leave the club once the season is over. Hope it’s true as he deserves starting 11 football.

Ji Dong-Won was subbed on later in game and played for under 10 minutes last week against Koln. He should make reserves this week against Schalke. Augsburg are desperate for a win if they want to avoid relegation.

Hong Jeong-Ho was an unused sub last week against Koln he should make sub this week too against Schalke. Don’t really know why Hong Jeong-Ho is been benched.

Koo Ja-Cheol has been Augsburg’s best player this season. Has definitely been an asset he should start this week against Schalke.

With the controversy surrounding Lee Chung-Yong I don’t expect him to make the squad list. Poor Lee Chung-Yong he should definitely make a move this transfer window.

Same goes for Ki Sung-Yueng, he lost his number one position at the club. He should make bench this week against West Ham.

Media reports came out this week saying that Suk Hyun-Jun will either leave the club or leave for loan. Looks like he favours playing time then been benched at a top club in Portugal. Smart move if he leaves this transfer window. He should make reserves this week against Rio Ave.

Good to see Son Heung-Min score goals again. With Delli Alli suspended he should start again against Southampton.

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