Weekend Listing Feb 21-22

Weekend Listing February 21-22

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Tavern owner on the run, but quick talking points:

  • Today Mainz’ Koo Ja-Cheol and Park Joo-Ho are battling Schalke
  • Park Chu-Young and Lee Chung-Yong could be facing each other on Saturday, with Watford at Bolton. Watford’s manager Beppe Sannino has indicated in the local press that he will put Park in Saturday’s game.  Concerning last Tuesday’s scoreless draw with Yeovil Town, Sannino told the Watford Observer he did consider Park to join in the 2nd half, but instead left 6 foot 5″ Mathias Ranegie in so as to not concede late set pieces. They didn’t concede, but didn’t score…
  • In the US, normally EPL games are on NBC Sports but the “Pussy Riot” Olympics has pushed some of the games onto the USA network – including Ki Sung-Yeung’s Sunderland tie with Arsenal. Speaking of Ki and Sunderland, they are very much looking forward to Wembley Stadium showdown with Man City for the League cup final on March 2nd. Here’s a promo just out:
  • Old news, but you’ve no doubt heard that Bayer Leverkusen had a disaster of a game against PSG in the Champions League on Tuesday. Son started but subbed out 45 minutes later. They carry a 4-0 loss to PSG for the 2nd leg. It would be the greatest comeback in Champions League history if they were to overcome that to advance.
  • UPDATE : Yun Suk-Young on the bench for QPR. First time he surfaces for the Rangers in quite a while…
  • Park Chu-Young starts – I can’t manage to find any means to watch the game. Match is still in the 1st half, with Bolton on top 1-0. Lee Chung-Yong on the bench for that one still…meanwhile Kim Bo-Kyung not in the 18 for Cardiff against Hull City, Hull is in front 0-2 so far in the 1st half…
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    • I asked Dong-A’s London correspondent, Rachel Hur (@Rachel_Hur), about Yoon on Twitter about a month ago, and she said that Yoon, like Roy said, had not been seen anywhere around the club or grounds. She spoke to some fans who said they hadn’t seen Yoon at the stadium in weeks.

        • he’s not hurting anyone. to rephrase your comment, john, he’s only posted twice. besides, i’m sure there are plenty here who feel the same way as him, including me, though i don’t feel any need to sign a petition or something, but that’s just me. if the tavern owners have an issue with joon’s comments, let them deal with it.

        • Don’t worry, man. It’s all good. I don’t know if you were being sarcastic, but the ones who can control the comments are Jae and Roy mostly and Jinseok and Tim I think are contributors. Unless John is a pseudonym for one of those four… =)

      • Generally yes, we would hope that the comments stay on topic, i.e. football/soccer related. But 2 off topic comments out of almost 2,000 isn’t much, and the Kim Yuna story is massively huge in Korea. He’s made his point, and I don’t imagine he’ll need to post more Kim Yuna comments unless they’re related to football (like when she did the kick off at the Suwon-Seoul game last season). If more Kim Yuna comments start coming in, we’ll moderate as necessary.

  1. Any ideas on whats going on with Ki? He’s looked like a deflated balloon for a while now. I was pretty shocked when Sagna bossed him in the corner and left him in a heap in the 1st half. The NBC announcers made light of it for sure.

    I find it funny that some Sunderland fans are choosing to slag him now even though he was the LEAST of their troubles today. I still expected more fight from Ki, and he did drop his head it felt like.

    His international career in my opinion has been overshadowed by his inconsistency. He’s had issues with just about every manager he’s played with. Ever since Celtic, he’s been having these wavy seasons of highs and lows. Its a pattern and I can’t say its a good one. Hopefully this is just a funk.

    He’s approaching his golden years. It would be such a waste if he doesn’t take advantage of it.

    • I don’t think the blame should ever be on Ki after the Arsenal match but the defenders should be. Goal.com gives Santiago Vergini (new defender) a ONE STAR. His description “Like the entire Sunderland team, the Argentine was totally incapable of containing or disrupting Arsenal. Under-hit a disastrous back-pass to Mannone that found only Giroud, who doubled the hosts’ advantage, and almost scored an own goal – from the resulting corner, the Gunners scored their fourth. A day to forget.” Goal.com gave Ki **(1/2*) stars. His description from the match “Outclassed and outgunned in midfield, he was always on the backfoot against Arsenal’s dominant and composed use of the ball. His leggy, galloping industry on the break was a useful, if infrequent, outlet, though his surges never amounted to anything.”

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