Weekend Listings: 12.19.2014 – 12.21.2014 + K-League Challenge Podcast

Exams are finished. Holidays await – praise the Lord. In this final weekend before Christmas, the Mainz boys tackle undefeated Bayern Munich. Plus, a K-League Challenge podcast with me and Roy, with our thoughts on the K-League Challenge season and Seoul E-Land’s prospects for next season, with musings on the Korean football structure somewhere in there as well.

Korean Players Abroad in Europe

Day Time (ET) Player Club Opponent TV
Friday 2:30 PM Koo Ja Cheol Mainz Bayern Munich GolTV
Friday 2:30 PM Park Joo Ho Mainz Bayern Munich GolTV
Friday 2:45 PM Lee Chung Yong Bolton @Millwall None
Saturday 9:30 AM Hong Jeong Ho Augsburg Gladbach None
Saturday 9:30 AM Son Heung Min Bayer Leverkusen Eintracht Frankfurt None
Saturday 9:30 AM Ji Dong Won Dortmund @Werder Bremen GolTV
Saturday 10:00 AM Kim Bo Kyung Cardiff City Brentford None
Saturday 10:00 AM Yun Suk Young QPR West Brom NBC Extra Time
Saturday 10:00 AM Ki Sung Yueng Swansea @Hull City NBC Extra Time
Sunday 9:30 AM Kim Jin Su Hoffenheim @Hertha Berlin GolTV

A lot of action on Friday – well, for Friday standards. Chungy will start at Millwall and continues to play in excellent form whilst the Mainz boys tackle Bayern Munich. Both should start – Koo and Joo-Ho scoring to defeat Bayern Munich. You heard it here first. 😉

In Germany, it’s the last game before the winter break. Hong Jeong-Ho might start depending on the fitness of the other CB’s. Son Heung-Min should start in their game against Einthract Frankfurt. He was (according to multiple sources) very sharp last game and let’s hope that form continues through the new year. Ji Dong-Won is out.

Kim Bo-Kyung didn’t make it past halftime last game. What does that mean? Read what you want into it, but he probably won’t be in the starting XI. Free Kimbo!

Yun Suk-Young was a little sloppy last game and yet he’s still getting consistent minutes from Redknapp, which is quite an achievement itself. He needs to find his form and fast. Hopefully he does well in this week’s game against West Bromwich Albion.

Oh, and he delivered some gifts at the Jack Tizard School. He’s rocking the QPR toque as well.

Ki Sung-Yueng and Kim Jin-Su should also both start.

KPA in the Middle East Listings

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Park Chu-Young and Al-Shabab tackle the top team in the SPL, Al-Nassr, early tomorrow morning for us out on the East Coast.

K-League Challenge Podcast
As promised, a K-League Challenge podcast featuring me and Roy Ghim, where we recap the season, talk Seoul E-Land and their hopes and prospects for next season, muse about Korea v North American football on the promotion/relegation front, and look ahead to another year of 2nd tier football in Korea. My audio goes haywire near the end especially – thanks to Roy for doing what he could do with the editing. And yes, those are Daejeon chants. I’m biased in the choice of background music.

Anyhow, enjoy, a nice 20-minute podcast over a morning coffee, a drive to work/school or a way to relax in the evening – take your pick.

I’m a bit worn out from this week of study and exams and study and exams and study and you get the picture, so this listings was a bit short, but I think I cover everything that needs to be covered. The holidays are among us – so crank up the heating, kick up your feet and turn on the footy this weekend, and maybe something magical will happen.

That was rather cheesy. I need sleep. Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Holiday Season and good night from the TSC.

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    • well, it hasn’t gotten much worse and it allows other regions to get to the first tier league, so it doesn’t seem a terrible endeavor.

      • Not really. All 3 promoted teams (this season and last) were already in Classic, but were relegated earlier. So, the system has really just removed regions from the first tier (Gangwon, Daegu, and now Gyeongnam).

        • in theory though it does. so if there was no relegation/promotion it would just set it in stone, no? and you can’t go back in time, so you can’t undo teams that were created… so if the assumption is that it was ok for more teams to exist/be created, i don’t see how all the regions would have a chance to be in it. it would then be more like a caste system as opposed to the illusion of upward mobility, i suppose.

          • Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your point, but this is what I was saying. When relegation was introduced there were 16 teams in the K League: Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, Incheon, Gangwon, Gwangju, Gyeongnam, Jeju, Jeonnam, Jeonbuk, Pohang, Sangju, Seongnam, Seoul, Suwon, and Ulsan. All major cities and provinces were represented. Since the introduction of relegation some major cities (Daegu, Gwangju, and Daejeon) and some provinces (Gangwon-do and Chungcheon-do) have been left out of the top-flight.

            There were new teams created, but in all honesty are those teams particularly relevant? Did the league need another team in Suwon or teams in Bucheon or Chungju? Bucheon and Chungju averaged less than 1,000 people a game. Suwon just over. It seems to me the league would be healthier overall if those teams were separate from the league structure until those cities can better support a pro team. In short, the introduction of relegation forced the creation of teams that weren’t needed and thus diluted the overall quality.

          • i see your point. i forgot that there were 16 teams originally. i do think the league is diluted and i think if korea wants to make relegation/promotion work, it has to be much easier to get promoted.

          • I think relegation/promotion is a good idea, but a league needs to be very healthy (financially and in terms of fan/community/owner support) before it can be implemented. In hindsight it feels like the league rushed the decision without completely thinking through the consequences (shocking).

  1. I’ve probly asked this before, but any idea how Ryu SW would fit on the NT? Scored another goal today and seems like he could develop pretty nicely, but he doesnt seem like a one-top kind of guy. Maybe as the CAM behind a real striker (if we had one that is)

  2. any geekheads out there?

    can any of you gif Ki’s Marseille Turn from today’s match? happened well after the hour mark.


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