Weekend Roundup 11/21-23

I actually didn’t get a chance to watch a game this weekend due to the Harvard-Yale (American) Football game (which by the way was AMAZING, I don’t watch American football but this game is easily the highlight of 2014 for me). Also, Evelyn will be taking over Weekend Roundups, but she couldn’t do this week’s so I guess I’ll be doing this one for now.

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Son’s signature cut in – curl goal

Lee’s goal around 4:30

Suk’s goal

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  1. I thought Yun was poor. Particularly in the 1st half. Gave away a glaring pass that was intercepted and almost resulted in a goal. He also tried to get fancy and back heeled towards his own corner but didnt really fool anyone. He almost got fleeced but luckily was able to get the ball up to a midfielder.

    He also seems to have a really bad habit of sagging in to much on wingers who become a threat. In understand as a defender, you have to slide on ball threats if they get too close to the goal. But if he’s well covered by 2 or 3 defenders, theres no reason to join in and leave ur mark all alone by himself in a wide open area.

    Anyways, I hope ‘Arry doesnt dock him next week.

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