Weekend Roundup 11/28-29 + Two Exciting Future Posts!

Yet another fairly disappointing weekend for the KPA; Kim Jin Su and the Augsburg trio are facing a relegation battle despite an extremely successful past season, while Ki’s Swansea are in freefall mode down the table – they really needed a result at Liverpool considering Man City and Leicester are coming up soon.

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On the bright side, SHM looked fairly bright vs Chelsea. He had some really good chances fall to him, but unfortunately the majority of his goal attempts were aimed straight at Begovic.

Though KSY himself was decent, Swansea were very unfortunately to lose 1-0 due to a handball by Neil Taylor quite late into the match.

KJS did not have the best of days as he showed some serious weakness in the 1 v 1 defending department; him and his CB teammate also got wrecked by Fabian Johnson by both pace and a cut in that fooled both of them. How embarrassing:

Meanwhile in FC Koreaburg Koo Ja Cheol had a minor off-day while Ji Dong Won likewise couldn’t break the deadlock when he came on. Hong Jeong Ho as it seems is still injured.

Regarding Lee Chung Yong: before the Pardew hate begins realize that his competitors are playing extremely well at the moment, and it’s not something we saw coming. Who could’ve predicted that Crystal Palace would start playing ridiculously well all of a sudden? However, there is still a chance for LCY as Zaha cannot play vs. Everton next week and Bako is still out, meaning there’s a good chance he’ll start next week. He better seize the crap out of this chance because at the moment Zaha is on great form and once he’s back LCY might not get the chance to leave his impression on Pardew..

Future Posts: There are some major (and very fascinating) changes going around on the domestic K League scene that Steve Han has done a wonderful job of covering on Twitter – expect a K League Kickaround post soon!

Also, on the evening of Friday 12/4 something really freaking cool is happening!! Tavern MVP Jae is spearheading something really cool between some of the Tavern writers. I won’t reveal any details yet but it’s going to be really cool (oh man I’ve repeated “really cool” too many times… if any of my English professors read this… I’m so sorry)

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  1. Agreed on Chungy. It’s a long season and Pardew will treat him fairly. He (Pardew) has been inserting LCY when he can. CP will need him at some point in the season.

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