Weekend Roundup 11/7 – 11/8

Dear Tavern Readers,

Sorry for the late weekend roundup – I’ve been a little embroiled in midterms (and a ton of controversy right now going on at school) – but I have found time to put this up! Though to be honest this weekend was so disappointing I didn’t think it’d make a big difference. Were there ANY positives to take away from this weekend? Hwang Hee Chan scored and KJS and KSY played decently well but… not much else.

BTW: add a couple fixtures to the November calendar – our U18 team, in preparations for an upcoming tourney in Vietnam, will be playing a number of games there (details were not given too much in this picture:)


Kinda wish LSW got called up since he can’t even TRAIN with Barcelona but oh well..


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Not too many highlights from the weekend but we got:

I think KJC had a slight off day for his standards, and JDW didn’t have much an impact as Augsburg lost AGAIN and is still rock bottom at the Bundesliga table. From Europa League 5th place BACK to the bottom – come on Augsburg you can do better!

Same with Swansea – Swansea had such a good start but their last 8 games have been absolutely atrocious, notching just 1 win, 2 draws, 5 losses. There are rumors that Monk might get sacked but I’m absolutely positive the chance of that is nearly 0. Whoever came up with that rumor probably just put it out there for click money.

Hopefully next week turns out a little more positively!


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