Weekend Roundup, 11/7-11/9

Pretty decent week for the KPA’s it seems. Bright spots of the weekend: LCY’s masterclass vs Wigan, Koo’s surprisingly good shift vs Leverkusen, Yun not sucking vs Man City, Ki helping beat Arsenal (that always feels good inside), and Ryu’s second goal for Braunschweig. Unfortunately, SHM was pretty frustrating vs Mainz.

The K League has been a lot more entertaining in the last couple months by the way, so go check that out right after this.

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Ryu’s goal:



LCY highlights (click here for the full highlights, there’s no single vid of his assist)

>Tavern Owner interrupting: the link of the game highlights linked earlier (and we’ll have it below this text) has a number of examples of great work by the team and Lee Chung-Yong to handily defeat Wigan.  Some have attributed Lee’s revival in form with Neil Lennon’s decision to make Lee the center mid instituted in his first game in charge of the struggling Wanderers (@Birmingham Oct 18). Since that 0-1 win at Birmingham, Bolton has won 4 of 6 matches and have pulled themselves out of relegation. On Friday, Lee displays his charisma on the pitch as you can see in a few instances on the highlight reel. Scrub forward to these spots for a sampling of Lee Chung-Yong magic:

3:15 LCY collects a loose ball outside the area and sends in a dangerous pass to Dervite.

3:29 LCY picks out Clayton, magnificent through ball to the striker but his shot is blocked by the keeper.

4:52 C. Davies links well with Chungy, who picks out Clayton in a precise through pass -Clayton knocks in Bolton’s first goal, LCY with the assist.

6:07 Good work by LCY, receiving the ball from Ream and gets away from his marker, delivers a good cross -leading to an eventual narrow shot & miss by Clayton.

8:27 Ream brought down in the area. LCY takes the PK at the 9:09 and leaves the keeper guessing the wrong way…

11:44 on a counter, LCY’s jersey is tugged, preventing him to get in on the breakaway. At the 11:57 mark, he is back in frame and positions to help Craig Davies on the flank looking for an outlet. Brilliant work at 12:02 mark, LCY footwork-flair on display!  A foul a moment later and the set piece is a crafty one that LCY and Ream in combination nearly pulls off.

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  1. Just wondering where you guys think ryu would play should he start for the NT? Doesn’t seem like a traditional one top guy and doesn’t really seem like a CAM either.. And RW and LW is usually lee cy and son hm.

    • If Korea maintained their traditional setup, Ryu would have to slot in at the 10 spot barring some sort of false 9 type of thing. If the setup is more flexible, then you could move Lee CY or Son HM more central and stick Ryu out wide.

    • Depends on the system/tactic but he should be competing for #10 spot with Kimbo & Nam Tae-Hee.

      Koo Ja-Cheol is different type of #10 (or not really #10 for him) compare to Kimbo, Nam, and RSW.

  2. So are you guys going to do some in-depth analysis on Lee CY and why his game has improved so much? Obviously NL has been a godsend for Lee [I almost called him Chungy just now 🙁 ] but his role in the midfield has changed and we are hearing about a side of him we havent been accustomed to in a long time. He appears to be playing pre-injury ball right now and Id like to know exactly why so we can implement as much of this as possible into the NT element.

    • Probably not simply because Championship games are impossibly hard to watch/find. The most I can find are usually short highlights, but that’s not enough to analyze. If you know of a reliable/safe place to download full Bolton matches give a shout, I’d love to check out what he’s doing.

      • I dont.

        But I always thought his technical gifts would be far better served as striker support. I have no idea what he’s doing over there but hopefully he’s using his speed and ability to scalp well just behind the top line as a number 10.

        Would really like to read details of his resurrection.

  3. Neil Lennon says Owen Coyle helped persuade him to take Bolton job

    Neil Lennon has revealed former boss Owen Coyle was among those who persuaded him to take the job at Bolton.

    Northern Irishman Lennon was introduced to the media on Monday afternoon after agreeing to take over a club anchored to the foot of the Sky Bet Championship table, with just one win in their 11 fixtures.


    • I’m not sure we should post full articles here? I know a number of forums that do not allow this for legal reasons and whatnot. yet I’m not sure if I’m over-reacting, but I deleted most and linked to the original article.

      • Posting full articles is kind of like posting streams. It’s a grey area that could land the blog (re: Roy) in trouble. Some sites are very picky about people re-producing their work in full (especially if proper accreditation isn’t given). Links to the original article are better/safer.

  4. You guys are funny. Last year, the main complaint about SHM was his lack of goal production in the Champions league. This year, you guys are complaining about his lack of production in Bundesliga. As far as I am concerned, he is the most talented kid that Korea produced with lot of good years left.

    • You guys? One guy. We’ve all got very different opinions on here, us writers.

      I thought of that too. I think the most important thing for Son is to play often and play well. (Wow! What analysis). What I mean is, to stay fit, find a rhythm in scoring and providing assists. Koo Ja-Cheol is an example of a player who’s fitness fluctuates too much for him to find a rhythm. Son needs, and in many respects has, found a balance with his game. A couple years ago he’d go on a tear and then quiet down for a month or two before going on a tear again. I think this has been his best season yet (so far), as he’s playing consistently, scoring consistently and staying fit.

    • Hey hey, we wouldn’t be proper Koreans if we didn’t have something to complain about, right? But if I had to poll my writers, all would agree w/ the notion that he is one of the most talented from Korea. Unlike PCY, there’s pretty unanimous agreement on the dude. Bright future, that is unless he doesn’t win an olympic medal or Asia gold in the next few years. Then it’s Sangju Sangmu time for Son, who as a club will probably keep floating b/w K-League Classic and relegation back down to Challenge. For now, one could overgeneralize and say Son has BVB syndrome, scores at will in Champions League, then tires out for the league games.

    • I think that’s a perfectly fair “complaint”. As Tim alluded to, we’re looking/hoping for consistency from Son HM, something that is key for any ‘top player’. He is the most individually talented player Korea has produced, and regardless of his military situation he has several good years left.

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