Weekend Roundup 12/12-13

Some good news this weekend: Hwang Hee Chan played his second game for Red Bull Salzburg and started both; Hong Jeong Ho is finally back in action and managed to score two goals within three of four days (he also scored on Thursday against Partizan); and KJS seems to be back on form, though my sample size here = 1 game. Unfortunately, Swansea is still dropping massive points despite having played fairly well, and LCY still isn’t getting any minutes, while SHM was rested after Thursday’s interesting blowout of AS Monaco.

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Suk’s goal vs Benfica

HJH’s goal vs Schalke:

Unfortunately, ball touch vids aren’t coming out right now, so this is all we got for you this week.

>Tavern Owner interrupting: Here’s a highlight reel of Augsburg’s win over Schalke, but check out Koo’s great technical work (1:42) that eventually reeled in the game winning goal by Caiuby.


* I mentioned 2 special posts coming up… they’re in the process of being edited (hint hint?)

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  1. Hong Jeong-Ho was on fire this week, two goals in two games. He is having a great year apart from his injuries. Can’t wait for the DFB Porkal this week against Borussia Dortmund. Koo Ja-Cheol was great too but missed a lot of chances. He was playing really hard which was good to see.

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