Weekend Roundup 12/3 -12/4: Goals galore [update: bad ref! Ji onside!]

While a good number of our KPA were sidelined due to injury or left on the bench, the ones who did play all produced a magnificent goal each.

Player, Club, Opponent, Result, Notes
Son Heungmin, Tottenham, Swansea, 5-1 W, 70′ + goal
Ji Dongwon, Augsburg, Eintracht, 1-1 D, 90′ + goal
Koo Jacheol, Augsburg, Eintracht, 1-1 D, injury
Lee Chungyong, Palace, Southampton, 3-0 W, bench
Ki Sungyueng, Swansea, @Tottenham, 5-1 L, injury
Hwang Heechan, Red Bull Salzburg, Rheindorf Altach, 4-1 W,76′ + goal

Suk Hyun-Jun, Trabzonspor, @Kayserispor, 0-1 W, bench[/tb]

On Saturday SHM started against a Ki Sungyong-less Swansea (ankle injury). Unsurprisingly, Tottenham won, but perhaps the best goal was scored by this guy:

In the end SHM notched one goal and one assist and played noticeably better than he had been in the past. Perhaps this is SHM’s turning point in form? Hopefully, the past two weeks were when he was at his worst.

Our unexpected bastion of consistency this year, Ji Dongwon, scored another volley to secure a point for Augsburg against Eintracht Frankfurt. He also received a ton of praise from local Augsburg news outlets, saying he has infinitely improved since his pre-Dortmund stint at Augsburg. Here’s a link to a Augsburger Allgemeine piece on the newfound important role of JDW.

And the beauty of a goal (this certainly ranks pretty highly among JDW’s goals at Augsburg, many of which have been long rangers from outside the box).

Only one more KPA played this past week, and it was our lord and savior Hwang Heechan. He beat the offsides trap and managed to score on a 1 v 1. It was his 4th league goal for Salzburg and 6th goal in all competitions.

And.. that’s a wrap! Not much to say this week because nobody played, but at least the ones who did played very well. Fortunately, KJC should be back next week, as should KSY.



Tavern Owner interrupting: Ji got the vital equalizer and man of the match last weekend -but looking at the highlights, he was robbed of the game winning goal – called back erroneously by the ref for being offsides. Watch Heon’s highlight reel of Ji’s performance starting at 2:28 – then the replay from a different angle at 2:40 and you can see why Ji and Augsburg was so upset.


The game with Eintracht Frankfurt ended 1-1.  Hopefully there will be a disciplinary review of the refs in charge.

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