Weekend Roundup 1/30-31 – LCY is Back. BSH + LSW are Back. Life is Good

Another damn good week. The Barca kids were on fire, Ryu Seung Woo finally got his loan move, and HJH and KJS again put in some good shifts. KJC even made his comeback from injury. But the best news? Lee Chung Yong beasting up for Crystal Palace.

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The most talked about event this weekend must have been the Barcelona Juvenil A vs. Real Zaragoza. This game was live streamed on Barca TV youtube (which rarely ever happens by the way) and boy we saw quite a show, especially from Baek Seung Ho:

Baek had some great dribbles and scored a fantastic goal, while Lee also showed his typical dribbling skills. All in all it was a great match, though it was worrying how Baek SH was cramping up again close to 70′. While LSW was able to bring up his match fitness with national team matches, Paik Seung Ho didn’t get a U17 tournament and a U17 World Cup (and even played fewer minutes than LSW did at the U18 Tournament). But this is certainly something the Barcelona trainers will fix very soon.

Over in Germany, after playing a full 90 last week Park Joo Ho fell down as an unused sub. But HJH again put in a great shift for Augsburg, while JDW and KJC also saw minutes. Interestingly, KJS played a very good game against Bayern and from the little I was able to watch, defended surprisingly well against the likes of Robben and Lahm. Whoscored agrees with me, giving KJS a 7.5 rating, while all his teammates were below 7.

Suk and SHM didn’t play much, which is understandable considering they played full 90′ just days ago. But as I said, the real highlight was Lee Chung Yong who got to play full 90 against Stoke. And while I didn’t see the match fans and Pardew were incredibly impressed by him apparently. There is a highlight vid but LCY touches the ball once in that vid, and a LCY ball touch vid has yet to come up.

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  1. Chungy looked solid all game and may get more playing time over MacArther and surprisingly Cabaye. As I always thought, EP is the most grueling of all major European leagues and some of the CP starters are starting to show wear and tear. That is a good new for Chungy.

    Sonny on the other hand found his spot with the Spurs. Watching him play and following Spurs fan blogs leads me to believe that they Poch, Spurs teammates, and the fans like him. He does not need to start every game because Tottenham has a deep bench and that is good for KNT. He needs to hit the weight room and bulk up a little during the off season to deal with all the thugs defending in English football.

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