Weekend roundup 4/3 – 4/5: HJH returns

This week was probably notable for KSY’s 7th Premier League goal, but HJH also finally came back from injury and started vs. Schalke!

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Against Hull KSY managed to score his 7th goal, starting what was a very good game for him overall. His pass accuracy was a little lower than usual but his offensive output surely increased compared to his past couple of games. It’s interesting how KSY always seems to do well after an international break.

On the German side of things, we didn’t get to see SHM’s 17th goal, but we did see our only CB in Europe, Hong Jeong Ho, finally return from injury and start vs. Schalke. And he played really well, keeping Schalke scoreless with a Whoscored rating of 7.2. If a ball touch vid ever comes out, I’ll be sure to come right back here to post it!

KJS had a slight off day as his team was crushed pretty hard by Monchengladbach, currently 3rd in the table just above Leverkusen. PJH and KJC, on the other hand, had a good day as they both looked sharp vs. Werder Bremen.

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