Weekend Roundup 5/09-11

Caught up with a bunch of exams (which I did poorly on unfortunately) I wasn’t able to post last week’s weekend roundup, but the only real piece of news was KSY’s 8th goal (that was last week right?) and I’m sure you’ve seen that one already; if not check out of one of Roy’s posts earlier. Anyway, here’s this weekend’s roundup! Though I don’t think an exclamation mark is warranted here, there were an unprecedented number of losses and quite a few players were either benched or lost key battles

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The good:

Swansea beat L’Arse through a header by Gomis, though KSY’s role wasn’t that big in the victory

HJH looked GOOD vs. Bayern Munich. Augsburg won 1-0! YAY!


The bad:

SHM’s Leverkusen are officially 4th place after losing a crucial 3rd place matchup vs. Monchengladbach. Monchengladbach will qualify for the champions league, while Leverkusen will have to go through qualifiers again.

YSY: After a horrible mistake that gave away a goal, on top of a pretty bad day, QPR were officially relegated, continuing the at least one Korean getting relegated in the EPL tradition. For those of you who don’t remember, it goes LCY + Bolton, Park Ji Sung + QPR, Kim Bo Kyung + Cardiff, and now YSY + QPR.

As for all the other KPAs, they were on the losing end of their games. I’ve never seen so many losses on a Weekend Roundup before.


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  1. Ki and Swansea could very, very likely go to Europa league! Only two points behind Tottenham in sixth and one point behind Southhampton. If they win both of their next games we’ll see them in Europe!

    • Yea, from the back too. Lack of self control and poor sportsmanship I guess. Apparently the two were on to each other during the game, looks like the loser snapped.

      • Half his salary capped for the remainder of the season. Should definitely be banned for the rest of the season plus more.
        Suarez got a lot more for a lot less (in punishment).

  2. I saw the assault as well. didn’t he learn some tae kwon do? I feel like he should have stood up for himself and taught that jackass some korean manners.

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