Weekend roundup 5/23-24 + KPA season review

The final weekend fixtures for most leagues was actually pretty uneventful as the majority of players were not in the 18-man squad for various reasons, so let’s take some time to review the seasons for our KPA:

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SHM: I guess we can’t complain about 17 goals and a clutch goal in the AC final but oh man when he’s not on his A game he is AWFUL and the lack of consistency gets pretty frustrating at times. I really hope next season he’ll bag more than 11 league goals.

Koo Ja Cheol: Started off poorly but started to find his form mid-way through the season (finally) and scored 4 goals since March (plus just one in August). A pretty poor AC but I think he’ll play an important role in WC qualifying given his resurgence in form.

Park Joo Ho: This guy and one other guy (you all know who it is right) are actually my personal picks for KPA of the season. PJH has been fantastic all season and in the AC, and pretty much any time he steps onto the pitch for Mainz he hasn’t really done anything wrong and shined in both the LB and DM roles, but especially the LB role. Takeuchi has stated PJH is the best left back in Asia multiple times, which I have to agree with (though I think KJS comes really close). Now, whether he plays LB for the NT is another story given our complete lack of CM options next to KSY.

Kim Jin Su: Injured for a bit early on, but played BRILLIANTLY the rest of the season. Though when he was playing, he was playing damn well, better than PJH at times. Whoscored actually rates him at 7.31, making him the highest rated Korean player, highest rated Asian player, and Hoffenheim’s second highest rated. The order for highest rated Asian players, btw, is KJS SHM KSY Kiyotake Hasebe KJC Okazaki. Now, Whoscored is supernitpicky and takes into account literally EVERYTHING the player does in a game and I am a big fan of its algorithm. Would I entirely agree with that list? Almost. All we need in there is PJH who imo should at least be in SHM-KSY’s range.


Hong Jeong Ho: Started off injured all season and couldn’t break into the first team after recovery but the when Callsen-Bracker (pretty sure it was him, not Klavan) got injured HJH stepped into the XI and did WELL. Like better than I’ve ever seen him in the past. Augsburg vs. Cologne especially comes to mind, as HJH had an undeniable MotM performance that day. If he plays for the NT the way he plays for Augsburg and not the way he plays for KNT-June-2014, our defense will be in solid hands (feet?)

Ji Dong Won: Pretty disappointing; I expected him to come back from Dortmund but even then couldn’t score for Augsburg. Clearly rusty; hopefully he’ll be back at his best soon.

Ki Sung Yong: Pretty self explanatory. The Fan’s Player of the Year award says it all, as does his 7 goals since February (plus one on the very first day of the Prem, which also happened to be the first goal this PL season). Consistent and dependable, I must say when I did watch Swansea play this season it was fun to watch.

Lee Chung Yong: Our most technically gifted player is also our unluckiest, as injury kept him out of the CP squad for most of the second half of the season. He was tearing it up at Bolton, with Neil Lennon raving about him after like every match, and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY made it back to the Premier League (every single one of those finallies were necessary). Next season will be a very important one for him.

Yoon Suk Young: Got decent minutes actually (~1700 in the end) but couldn’t do much from keeping QPR from getting relegated.

Ryu Seung Woo: I keep forgetting about this guy because he’s been injured for a while, but he actually had a really good season with Braunschweig, scoring four goals in November and December.

Hwang Hee Chan: A very controversial move to Liefering actually didn’t work out too well as he only ended up scoring once or twice. I’m very disappointed in how he’s turned out actually, and I really hope he proves me wrong because he was so freaking good for us back in the day.

Suk Hyun Jun: Great season from our forgotten man in Portugal; he actually scored quite a few sick goals and to be honest, at the moment he needs to be on our NT. Whether he should start, I’m not sure, but he’s definitely finding form and with our lack of FW options he should be given a chance


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