Weekend Roundup 9/12-13: Debuts + 공격포인트 + More Disappointment

There was a bit of hype going into this past weekend, especially considering that KJC, PJH, and SHM had just moved to new clubs. KJC and SHM started right away, PJH not so. KJC had a good game vs Bayern Munich of all teams, SHM less so. Though almost all our KPA affiliated clubs lost, and Hong Jeong Ho got injured AGAIN, we still saw some optimism from this weekend, notably from KJC and SHJ.

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This week was a little funny. First of all, almost all the teams lost. Hoffenheim conceded two goals in two minutes… in extra time (90+1 and 90+2). Augsburg were winning for much of the match 1-0 but conceded one then conceded a VERY question penalty in the 88th minute allowing Bayern to win somehow. Leverkusen and Swansea lost to two “weaker” teams, while Suk HJ lost to his old team Maritimo. I thought Tottenham would lose to Sunderland because 1. they were awful and 2. got saved by the post but somehow they ended up winning through the new England call-up Ryan Mason.

About Son’s debut. I think it was a little disappointing but we should be glad that he didn’t make any big mistakes. After all, Harry Kane and Chadli were just as bad – the Tottenham chemistry is just nonexistent. Surely once SHM acclimates he can start performing better. He did have some nice moments and he didn’t fail ridiculously at set pieces: he had two very nice freekicks, though he also had two cringe-worthy corners where 1. it was way too low and fell to the feet of the first defender and 2. he did a short corner but kicked it too far wide and went out.

I didn’t expect KJC to start right away, but he did, and had a really good game. Augsburg is where home is I guess. Click here for his assist!

Also if you haven’t noticed, Suk Hyun Jun is on FIRE! He now has 4 goals in 4 games, and he scored in 3 of those. He’s been far more impressive for V. de Setubal than for the KNT, meaning he should start to play better with the KNT once he gels with the team a bit more.

Also… congratulations to Ki Sung Yong on becoming a father! Han Hye Jin yesterday gave birth to a daughter. Future WKNT member? (though let’s remember that KSY specifically said he doesn’t want his daughter to go into football)

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  1. It seems that you have a serious negative bias toward Son and failed to notice that he was the only player on the pitch that was trying to possess and connect some passes. He could have been more dominating but Poccheto had him drift back more tactically. You guys are pretty harsh on the kid and I don’t understand why. At the same time your are too quick praise some of the other stiffs.

    • The only player? Can you seriously say that SHM was the best player on the pitch with a straight face? Can you tell me it was a good debut with a straight face?

      I know that a lot of people are spelling doom and gloom over Son’s debut which is obviously unwarranted. It could have been WAY worse. But we know Son has way higher standards and he lost the ball more than he should have. And how do you know that Pocchetino wanted him to drift back to defend?

      As for praising the other guys… Koo Ja Cheol BY ALL MEASURES had a better game than SHM did. You can’t argue that. He held his own against Bayern of all teams; not only that, but he did almost everything right. It’s no accident he got a 7.6 Whoscored rating. SHM got a 6.2

      I do expect SHM to improve but I expected better from him. And you know he’s better than what he showed on Sunday.

      • I did not say that he was the best player. I will stand by my statement about the only player on the Tottenham trying to connect some passes. He clearly did not have a best game.

        As for KJC, he did have a great game however, his team lost. He could have been more dynamic and active.

        • You obviously turned off the tv after Son was subbed out. He was far from the only player trying to make passes. He lost the ball everytime he touched the goddamn ball. Lamela had a better game than him and that says a lot.

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