Weekend Roundup 9/18-20: SHM EPL Debut Goal + Augsburg is Awesome but CP Isn’t

I’ve been waiting for a feel-good weekend for a while and it finally came! SHM finally shed his rust and even before scoring the goal he was a clear MotM – his touch, dribbling, and everything we’ve known to expect from him were FINALLY THERE. On top of that he scored his first EPL goal. In Germany, PJH and RSW didn’t see action, but all three of our Augsburg Koreans got to play. HJH and KJC were solid and played 90′, while Ji Dong Won was able to make a positive impact after coming on around the 70th minute. Ji also played very well midweek, which hopefully means he will FINALLY get called up for the NT. God knows how much we missed this guy.

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We know how well SHM’s second EPL game went – everyone on Twitter was praising him like crazy, and he was subbed off around the 80th minute with yet another standing ovation. Looks like he’s already become a fan favorite! As for getting subbed off every game between 60 and 80 minutes, I actually like this idea. SHM tires fairly easily and considering he’s played 3 games in the last 7 days perhaps early subbing is the best thing for him. Here’s a ball touch of him:

Also, SHM’s attitude is seriously catching on to the fans. Life lesson: always smile and be enthusiastic.



Borussia Dortmund destroyed Leverkusen today. PJH didn’t play – guess he was too exhausted after Thursday (he did, after all, play through that game with a cramp). Guess they were missing good old Dortmund killer SHM?

Kim Jin Su had kind of a bad day – he was generally solid but was sort of responsible for two of the conceded goals as Yunus Malli who scored a hattrick against them. One Malli was unmarked and took a shot, which KJS slid to block, but it bounced under him and went in, while for another one Malli turned him (the move SHM always does) to curl one into the upper corner.

Ki, having returned from Korea after the birth of his daughter only a couple days ago, again came on as a sub vs. Everton, who they tied 0-0.

Lee Chung Yong. He SERIOUSLY needs to start playing. What do you guys think about his situation? He is too good for the Championship but he’s not getting healthy playing time in the Premier League… perhaps Crystal Palace wasn’t the right fit?

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  1. I think LCY will start getting playing time soon, as in not just sub appearances but actually starting minutes. Once he plays consecutively he is just too talented to not play well enough, he never really plays horribly when he gets subbed on but you can tell he is rusty.
    SHM definitely looks better when he doesn’t play the 90 minutes in previous matches but he needs to get fitter.
    As for Augsburg, I’m salivating at the thought of three Koreans starting in the same team. Will this be the first time ever(in Europe)?

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