Weekend Roundup / Lee Chung-Yong and Son Heung-Min goals

Lee Chung-Yong scoring mojo back?  Son Heung-Min clinical strike?  Oh hell yes – it’s time for the weekend round up. Let’s start with a match recap of the Bolton v Bournemouth match, the first strike of the game belonging to the Blue Dragon – his first goal in a year for Bolton (last time was in January 2013 in an FA Cup match against Sunderland).

…and if you continue watching – you’ll know that after going 2-0 ahead, Bournemouth came back -capitalizing on some poor Wanderer’s defending, with a stoppage time goal to draw 2-2.  Meanwhile, the rumor mills churned this up today:

Anyway the weekend started righteously on Friday, a Son Heung-Min textbook strike from about 25 yards was all that was needed for Bayer Leverkusen to seal the win at Borussia M’Gladbach. [Note all that swagger from Son!]


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We’ll be back for a bit more detail, but the old Tavern owner is in dire dire need of sleep…zzz an yung-ju-mu-sae-oh!!!

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        • It’s frustrating for sure. I think Lee’s best chance of getting out soon is to have a good WC, then just force the issue with the club. Insist that he leave this summer. Although given Lee’s personality I don’t think he’ll do that. The second best chance (and more realistic one) would be to just flat out refuse to sign an extension and try and force Bolton into a winter sale next year for some money (rather than letting him leave on a free).

          • If you’re talking about the contract, I think he didn’t figure that they would get relegated like they did and stay down. If you’re talking about his refusal to push for a move, I think part of it is just his natural personality, and part is he feels obligated to the club after they stuck with him after his serious injury. It must also be said that, while other clubs have been rumored to be interested, there haven’t been any serious efforts to sign him.

  1. Thanks for mentioning the injury. I think a lot of people forget about that. They stuck by him and helped him through that. He was down, but they stayed with him. Maybe he should leave for selfish reasons, but… I don’t know. Seems a bit lacking in class. Then again, it’s his life and career. Maybe he needs to do what’s best for him. Tough call!

    • Another side factor may be that the season that Lee CY got that injury was the same season Bolton got relegated. He, along with Stuart Holden who also missed the season due to injury, were key parts of the Bolton side in the prior seasons. Lee may feel partially responsible for Bolton’s relegation in the sense that he wasn’t able to help the club when they really needed it. Also, the contract that Lee is on now was signed shortly before his injury. Maybe he feels the need to repay the club for that missed year?

  2. I haven’t been able to watch his games. I guess my only question is why isn’t there any interest in a player this good when all I ever hear from other Koreans is that he’s 90% or higher of his playing ability. Great for bringing up his injury and the personal debt he might feel he owes. Im sure that has a lot to do with why he’s loyal to the club.

    He needs to get out in the summer. Period.

    • I haven’t seen his games either, but from what I’ve read/heard from Bolton fans is that he’s slightly inconsistent and generally “not” as good as Korean fans seem to think. My guess is that he plays better for Korea than Bolton, and that other clubs (particularly English ones) are looking at his club play.

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