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October 25, 2012

It’s quite a surreal thing, to be blogging -right while my wife is in labor.  I exaggerate, but her water has broken, and I am writing before you -in a hospital room, adjacent to my yobo, waiting for a new life to come online. Now the responsible thing is to shut this damn machine off and be a supportive father-to-be. With time on our hands, watching Raising Arizona, I realize that life is an adventure.  So Tavern goers, I’m going to take a risk that I will be able to get this post done, in the nick of time -and still be a good at my other familial non-Tavern role. So without further ado…

It’s the weekend Taeguk Warriors in Europe preview!

All Times are in Eastern Standard Time. TV coverage are listed here for the U.S.    [Apologies for non-US Tavern goers].  Online coverage should be available worldwide.


FC Augsburg vs. Hamburg SV   2:30 pm EST   GOL TV

It’s potentially a Korean derby, Koo Ja-Cheol vs Son Heung-Min.  Son is definitely in the starting XI for Hamburg, but it’s not certain whether Koo can recover and return for this game as he suffered an ankle tendon injury more than a month ago.  If he does show up, it’ll be difficult to figure out which team to root for.  Tavern’s dream: Koo and Son both have braces for their respective clubs and they all walk away with a draw.


Fortuna Dusseldorf vs Wolfsburg  9:30 am EST  No Tv / Online?

For the first half the the game, Cha Du-Ri was in the unusual role of a midfielder in last weeks’ 5-0 drubbing to Bayern Munich. 2nd half he was back to the backline.  It’s getting close to Halloween, so what will he be on Saturday?

Arsenal vs QPR    10 am  Fox Soccer, Fox Deportes

Heavy breathing – she’s in a bit of pain – wait where were we?  Park Ji-Sung and QPR are still where we last left them – in last place in the EPL. Believe it or not, there is still time to get out of the basement, but they’ll need wins real soon. But will that happen at the Emirates?  Arsenal and company are reeling from a loss to Norwich Saturday and to Shalke 04 in Champions League play on Wednesday.  Look for Wenger to come out swinging for the fences early, but if QPR can get their defense tightened up, it might be a shocker in the making.

Stoke City vs Sunderland  10 am foxsoccer2go.com (tape at 5:30 on Fox Soccer)

Ji Dong-Won has yet to make an appearance for the BlackCats this season. Will Martin O’Neil decide to shake things up after last week’s mediocre draw with Newcastle and finally put Ji in the game?

Cardiff City vs Burnley  [N-Power Championship] 10 am  No Tv / online?

Kim Bo-Kyung is bound to get some more minutes on the pitch for the Bluebirds. Cardiff’s stellar home record along with a different formation utilized at Millenium stadium may see the South Korean international and ex Cerzo Osaka attack midfielder get thrown into the mix.

Middlesbrough vs Bolton [N-Power Championship] 10 am  No Tv / online?

Bolton’s under new management: that could mean more time on the pitch for Lee Chung-Yong.  Might be a Blue Dragon day this Saturday.

Manchester City vs Swansea City  12:30 pm  Fox Soccer, Fox Deportes

Ki Sung-Yeung has been brilliant in the midfield for Swansea. It’s his first trip to Etihad Stadium – can Swansea show up and boss Manchester City around with their elegant passing game?

Celta Vigo vs Deportivo  2 pm   beIN Sport Spanish

Park Chu-Young has been playing slightly injured (adductor tear from last Saturday’s clash with Real Madrid) in practices earlier this week for Celta Vigo. However, the last few days he’s been able to get in full practices.  If he doesn’t get the start in this hotly contested Galician derby, he might still be able to factor later in the game.  Deportivo scored 4 goals in a chaotic game with Barcelona last Saturday. They lost, thanks in part to a Messi hat trick (seems almost routine for him lately).

Real Salt Lake vs Vancouver Whitecaps  9 pm  KUCW-30 SLC, SNET One (Canada), Direct Kick, MLS Live

Lee Young-Pyo said this week that he doesn’t know if he’ll be back to Vancouver to finish his career.  This might be the last regular season home match for the veteran South Korean defender.  He won some accolades last week, winning the 2012 Vancouver FC Player of the Year – so even at age 35, he’s still got it.  Vancouver becomes the first Canadian team to make it to the MLS playoffs.


FC Zurich vs FC Basel   11 am   No Tv / online?

Park Joo-Ho started left back for FC Basel today in a Europa league clash with Videoton FC.  Is he up for another one on Sunday for his Swiss side?


And that’s it for all the games in Europe (and one in Salt Lake City) this weekend.

Quickly, news have reached the Tavern that relegation zoned Wolfsburg fired head coach Felix Magath today. Assistant coach Lorenz-Gunther Kostner will take over as a caretaker/stewart for the time being.  Koo Ja-Cheol  has been on loan from Wolfsburg to Augsburg, but how Wolfsburg’s relegation fight and new management reorganizing will affect Koo is uncertain at this point.

FC Basel’s Park Joo-Ho has been substituted off for Kay Voser in the 46th minute of today’s Europa League match with Videoton FC.  Basel lost 2-1.  Interestingly, FC Basel has a North Korean on their squad. Forward Pak Kwang-Ryong entered the game in the 57th minute.


Tavern’s going to be closed for awhile.  Wish us luck. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl in a few short hours –and I made this post it under the deadline!!


Well not quite. While I did finish, apparently I failed to hit the publish button.  Ok digital world – I’m very proud to introduce Amelia!  She came in at 5 lbs 14 oz.  With those powerful kicks she delivered in utero, I’ll telling you she might be a future USWNT or Lady Taeguk Warrior.  Back away football/soccer scouts, back away – and contact us in about 13-14 years. I expect to be managing her career by then (unless her Uma has something to say about that, in which case her future is a completely wonderful mystery).  Life is amazing I tell you!


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