WWC Preview: Korea vs Costa Rica

After a loss in their first group stage match, the Taeguk Ladies will be hungry for an opportunity to redeem themselves in their next fixture. Their performance thus far has led to many wondering whether their team game is enough to propel them to the next round. On the other hand, Costa Rica have been impressive because of their ability to hold off the attacking power of the Spanish. Much is at stake in this second group game fixture, let’s take a look at what we can expect.

A reason for optimism for this Korean team is their rejuvenated performance in the second half of the game against Brazil. The team seemed to relinquish its nerves and improve partnerships. Passes were more accurate and the team seemed to play at a higher tempo than before. If the Koreans were luckier, they could have made a comeback to tie the game.

Although it might sound a bit silly, the team’s loss against Brazil will be a gift to them because they will be better prepared against Costa Rica. Their second half performance against Brazil shows what the team is capable of. I think the penalty that was awarded against them was a huge blow because it disrupted the focus that they had. The fact that the team was able to come out of their slumber shows their willpower and strength. All of this will work to their advantage because the Taeguk Ladies are aware that their next fixture is a do or die match.

Their next opponent Costa Rica will be difficult to take down because their result against Spain is a significant morale boost. In terms of team play, the Costa Rican side seems to much more tighter as a group. They were able to produce nice runs against the Spanish. The team was also able to set up plays with ease. On another day, this side could have easily registered a win.

Prediction: A 1-0 Win for Korea. Being extremely optimistic of course. I predict a tight match and many chances will be missed. However, if the Taeguk Ladies learned anything up to this point, they will bring out that focus they produced in the second-half of their first group game.

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