Yun Suk-Young: Transfer to QPR Deal Complete – BREAKING: NEW FULHAM OFFER…

January 24, 2013

[a few updates and edits have come throughout the day. We’ve tweaked the post accordingly].

UPDATE Jan 25, 2013 12:35 am EST :::  Late possible twist?!?  Check out twitter:

—This might not be over – we’ll try to update as soon as we can.

>>>>>>Late update. It’s over. I’m pretty sure everyone knows by now: Yun Suk-Young finally accepted a deal with QPR. There will be a new post shortly as Saturday’s FA Cup match with QPR embarrassing loss to MK Dons was more importantly – a huge setback for Park Ji-Sung (and quite possibly a set up by Harry Rednapp). Could this be an ominous sign for the young Korean left back -will he rue his decision to go with QPR?



UPDATE Jan 25, 12:40 am After seeing the twitter posting from Korea Football News,  looked over at BigSoccer Koreans Abroad Forum and poster Jitvera sent up a link to indicating a possible last minute new offer by Fulham (can’t confirm that exactly, but it does have a few sources). Yun Suk-Young is said to be making a decision tomorrow.

[Original post, Jan 24, 9 am]  Waking up to hear the news, I can’t say it was a complete surprise…and yet everyone is completely shocked (some mortified): official news from Chunam Dragons’ website appears to confirm a transfer deal for the highly rated left back Yun Suk-Young to Queens Park Rangers. He will join fellow Korean Park Ji-Sung to help in their survival struggle to escape relegation. A busy transfer window month just became busier with this news.

Yun Suk-Young

Update Thursday night: Yun has left Bankok, Thailand where Chunam is training and arrived in London late on Thursday for a medical. While terms for the deal has not officially been disclosed, Korean media claims that QPR agreed to twice his buyout clause, amounting to an estimated salary of £1.6 million. Once the medical ends tomorrow, some minor terms of the deal (i.e. an escape clause for Yun if the club gets relegated) will need to be agreed on, a contract will be ready and signed – then it’s just a matter of waiting for the work visa to be processed before his first practice with the team.

Just a few days ago, there was momentum for Yun’s transfer to Fulham, but it became tangled up in what may have been miscommunication over bizarre Fulham conditions of him ‘going on trial’ at the club. Was it a medical they were asking for or an actual 1-2 day trial -and if it was a trial, why was it necessary when he had proven himself with a brilliant performance during the Bronze medal winning summer olympic performance for the Taeguk Warriors?  Doesn’t matter now, Yun is officially a Ranger and the 10th Korean to enter the Premier League ranks (I think he’s the 10th, got to recheck that with the Tavern Statistician, where the hell is he?)

More updates to come—-the Tavern owner is on the run this morning, trying to feed and get the kids off to school, but we will return shortly…

and we’re back, for just a fleeting moment. Some possible factors on why the transfer to QPR:

1. With the transfer window closing up soon, Yun may have felt this to be finally his golden opportunity to go to Europe. He’s been sought after and linked to a number of clubs like AC Milan, Manchester City, Tottenham, Everton, QPR, and until very recently it looked certain that he was headed to Fulham. But after more than a year of contemplating, then personally rejecting a move to Europe, he’s finally done it. Last month, after talking with Celta Vigo’s Park Chu-Young, he’s indicated he’d rather go to the Bundesliga or La Liga rather than Serie A or the Premier League. He may have felt that he couldn’t hold out forever for the perfect club from his league of choice to come calling for him.

2. Park Ji-Sung. To be playing alongside the South Korean legend is a huge incentive for Yun. Despite QPR’s poor form in the 1st half of the season, to have someone be a mentor and help bridge cultural gaps between Korea and England is something that can’t be discounted. Pairs of Koreans seems to be a trend now: first Ji Dong-Won joins Koo Ja-Cheol at relegation zoned Augsburg, now Yun joins Park Ji-Sung. Just wondering: why can’t these transfer/pairing occur for teams at the top of the tables?

3. Momentum. Sure, QPR is last in the Premiership, but with Harry Rednapp at the helm trying to execute what would be his greatest Houdini-esque escape from relegation, lately there’s a sense that the club has the potential to make that magical escape happen. With what looked to be an impossible bloody festive schedule of fixtures, they managed to beat Chelsea and draw with Tottenham, not too shabby from this scrappy crew. During the transfer window, Rednapp pulled a January surprise by snapping up Loïc Remy right from under Newcastle’s seemingly done deal to secure the French striker. While they are losing Ryan Nelson to become head coach at FC Toronto, QPR made clear they desperate need all defensive hands on deck. That now includes Yun AND QPR is trying to secure Porto defender Rolando to bolster their defense. It seems that Harry is doing everything he can to close the defensive gaps that’s been plaguing the club all season.

There’s no doubt that all day, mixed feelings about this transfer has erupted online. Certainly the forums have more than plenty to say, some positive, but many more very much in agony about the transfer to a bottom of the Premiership team.  Taking a step back for perspective: only a few weeks ago there was mostly an outpouring of relief and excitement over Ji Dong-Won’s transfer loan to Augsburg from Sunderland -where he had been largely forgotten by Martin O’Neil. If last weekend was any indication, Ji’s breakout performance for Augsburg was just a warm up act; everyone is rubbing their hands in glee over what Ji can do in the coming weeks to help Augsburg in their grand escape. And yet, before the transfer, the idea of Augsburg escaping relegation was very much in doubt. They registered only 1 win in the entire 1st half of the season. Suddenly with the win last week (Koo’s goal and Ji’s virtual assist proving vital in that match), Augsburg’s escape plan actually looks more plausible, a mere 2 points separating them from getting out of the drop zone. Going back to the QPR Yun Suk-Young transfer, their team’s relegation battles are quite similar. Wading into these battles is what these Korean players have knowingly signed up for. Difficult days are ahead for the Rangers, but a number of analyst are beginning to come around to the notion that escape for QPR isn’t impossible. They are 5 points from their own grand escape. Yes, there might be some nervous nail biting moments as fans of both Park and Yun wonder how this will all play out. Failure, indignity and the brutal grind of the Championship? Or a real magical coalescing moment where they reveal leadership, strength of character and the eventual coming together as a team to overcome the odds and free themselves from the coffin doors shutting around them?  The plot thickens and the cliff hanger that determines fate is just around the corner for Yun, Park and QPR. Imminent disaster? I prefer to looked at both sets of situations, for both Korean pairs on QPR and Augsburg for what it is: a death-defying, scary edge-of-your-seat adventure. Strap in yer’ seatbelts, it’s going to be a wild and crazy ride…

And more updates to come in the next few days…

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  1. From mine opinion i rather see yun going to German club! think he will adapt good to EPL,but faster and stronger at some top 6 bundesliga club, look at Ji dong won for example. no playing time, no confidence in EPL, going to germany and did a very good first match for Augsburg and almost score, but i hold my hand for Yun!

    • Yeah I agree going to a German club might have suited Yun better. Yun would agree, but no German or Spanish clubs offered up any interest in him. I’m crossing my fingers for Yun – hope QPR won’t get relegated. If that happens, it will have been an exciting and dramatic move for him.

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