Weekend Roundup 4/18 – 19

Suk Hyun Jun scored the lone KPA goal this week – SHM missed out on a 4-0 goalfest while Hong Jeong Ho once again got a full 90′, hopefully he will be back to full form before the world cup qualifiers come up.

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There are no video highlights or even balltouch videos from this weekend unfortuantely, not even of SHJ’s goal. Much attention, of course, has gone towards the JS Cup coming up on the 29th, with PJS, KSY, and even KJC chipping in and giving advice to the young players. LSW and BSH’s training pictures are actually all over the news, along with some ambitious quotes from LSW; he wants to be better than Messi (who doesn’t) but he has a humble side as well, as he’s aware that the coach can’t change anything to fit his playing style, saying that he must adapt to the coach’s methods.

LSW and BSH receive guidance from Coach Ahn Ik Soo

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