02/02 Weekend Roundup + Lee Chung-Yong Transfer to Crystal Palace

With the Asian Cup over, Stielike will now have the time to plan friendlies and a proper route for Korean football as a whole. While we were sitting in our beds furious after a scrappy Australian goal in ET, some of our Taeguk Warriors were already in Europe training and playing with their respective clubs.

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Things to note:

*Lee Chung-Yong has officially made a move to Crystal Palace, signing a contract which will keep him at the club until 2018. He is now the eighth signing made by Alan Pardew. He finishes his time at Bolton with a tally of 20 goals and 195 appearances.

*Some rumours that Real Madrid are interested in Lee Seung-Woo have been circulating around the Spanish media.


*Park Chu-Young and Kim Bo-Kyung are still looking for clubs.


Tavern Owner interrupting: I got to tune into the last 20 minutes of the Augsburg / Hoffenheim game – Ji looked fairly decent in his first Bundesliga game of the season.  He nearly scored when Hoffenheim’s keeper wasn’t able to clear the ball properly. Ji was lurking nearby and tried to pounce on the gaffe, but was a millisecond too late.  Augsburg is even on points with 4th place Schalke, goal difference separating the two clubs.




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  1. Dope. Lee Chung-Yong going to Crystal Palace – folks have expressed mixed feelings in the BSK forums but I think it’s not a bad move per se. He’s back in the top flight, Crystal Palace is in 13th place (could be better, but a few more points and they would be comfortably midtable), still in contention for the FA Cup. Alan Pardew has so far done fairly well since coming over as manager. There could be worse clubs to transfer to, and it’s possible LCY could thrive there. Thanks for the roundup update!

  2. It’s amazing how well Augsburg is doing in the Bundesliga. Ji’s Augsburg is doing better than Son’s Leverkusen, that’s just funny to me.

    • Yeah Augsburg has surprising done well over last couple seasons. I think Leverkusen will finish higher than them at the end of the season.

  3. My only concern, and I’m told it’s not a big one on Twitter, is that LCY seems to be a depth player, behind Puncheon or Chamakh, which worries me. I don’t want him only starting cup matches and the odd substitute appearance. LCY must play himself into the first team and stay there, otherwise there’s no point in having him play in the EPL if he’s just going to warm the bench 99% of the time.

    Make sense?

    • I have every reason to believe that he was sold at the higher range of the estimates and if thats the case, then i don’t see LCY sitting behind anyone at palace, especially the likes of schleps like Chamakh.

      • I think he will be competing with Puncheon but not Chamakh. Chamakh seems to play more centrally, a ball-winning/deep-lying forward type. Also, a club that has £7M record signing hopefully isn’t splurging £1M+ on a bench-warmer!

        • Because I haven’t been following Crystal Palace that closely, I don’t know their lineup that well. Couldn’t the recent signing of Wilfried Zaha also prevent LCY from starting? or will they be starting on different sides of their formation.

          • Zaha usually lines up on the left side but I remember when he was signed for ManU, a key feature was his versatility. Hopefully that just refers to a 2nd striker option rather than our boy’s right side of the pitch.

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