Jae’s Farewell to the Tavern

290 posts, 866 comments, and just about two years service, my time (Jae) here at the Tavern of the Taeguk Warriors has been nothing short of amazing. But like any good sunbae one must know when it’s time to step aside and make room for the next generation to flourish, and like Cha Du-ri, I’ve decided that the time is now. So, let me just say  . . .

Thank you

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I of course, need to give special thanks to all the writers and contributors here at the Tavern. I have greatly enjoyed collaborating and working with all of you. On posts, series, podcasts, and Google Hangouts. And a special thanks to the old Tavern owner, Mr. Roy Ghim, for letting me jump aboard his wonderful site in the first place.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has read my posts and commented them on. Whether you thought I was spot on or completely wrong, thank you for considering them worthy of your time. My ego has (at times) grown far too big because of you.

I suppose if you’ve read this far you may be wondering why I’ve decided to completely step away from writing for the Tavern on a regular basis. The simple answer is time. My current job (teaching English in Korea) allows me plenty of time to watch and write articles about Korean football, but I shall be leaving this job in a month or so, and I don’t think I’ll be able to devote the necessary time to watching and writing any longer. Could I write shorter articles or just less? Possibly, but my personality doesn’t really allow for that, so this is just better for me.

Beyond that, but just as important, is the fact that writing about Korean football, and the Korean national team more specifically, has become too much of a job. Supporting the team has lost it’s joy for the most part. You may have noticed I did not write anything during the Asian Cup, this is why. I love the team, I love Korea, and if this was a paying gig than that’d be something else, but as it stands I won’t let a hobby ruin something wonderful.

Will I return like I did last year? Probably not. Life is short, and other interests, pursuits, and adventures beckon. Plus there are plenty of wonderfully talented people now with the Tavern to keep it going. That being said, I will still comment on articles here and will maintain my Twitter account (@armchairregista), so if people are curious what I’m thinking it’ll still be possible to chat about the national team, KPAs, K League, and everything else.

So, again. Thank you everyone for the last two years. It’s been a fantastic ride.

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  1. Jae-
    Thank you for everything! Your contributions to this site will be sorely missed. You have been such an influential figure here. I remember the first thing I used to do every morning before I began writing here was check the home page for your articles during that stretch when you were writing stuff every other day.

    So thanks so much for your awesome work – and I hope to see you at the Tavern in the comments section! 감사합니다 mr Jae!

  2. At the end of that podcast I was feeling mad sad due to the AC but then you told me you were leaving and that this would be your last podcast with us… I almost teared up for like the 5th time that day.

    I remember when I first seriously began following soccer (very recently around 2009) … sometime post-2010 WC I came across SKS blog. I still remember reading your reviews on Korea v. Nigeria and Korea v. Syria right before the AC2011 and thinking “man this guy is fcking legit.”

    Actually you gave a 5.5 to KSY after the Syria match and I was disappointed hearing KSY didn’t do too well that game (as echoed by the BSKers).

    So you can imagine I was pretty psyched to hear you’d be joining me and Roy… and I’m not gonna lie you’ve certainly been the MVP of our Tavern writers. I learned to look for a lot of things that I usually don’t look for (team positioning, defensive shape, and a lot of other “macroscopic” aspects as opposed to specific player aspects) from reading your posts.

    We’ll miss you a ton and I wish you the best of luck when you join the rest of us here in the US (I mean, North America)

    PS I look forward to constructive criticism from you in future posts
    PPS This really feels like Cha Du Ri passing off his experience/knowledge to his 후배’s lol

  3. This is very upsetting.
    I’ve read nearly all of your posts and I always found your insights and analysis to be very thorough and accurate. Thank you for your hard work!

  4. Mad props to Super Jae. As we watch the tributes come in – it’s part of the testament to the Tremendous effort and dedication Jae put in deconstructing Korean football for the Tavern and it’s readers these last 2 years. This site wouldn’t be what it is without Jae. You joining forces with the Tavern was meaningful. and now after all that time I reluctantly accept your moving on. I don’t want to make this a sad occasion. I choose to remember the good moments. I remember all the shared joy over Korea’s victories, the goals scored, the timely tackles and the diving saves. even through all the low moments with the KNT. I remember. All the good conversations, all that you have illuminated, for me, for everyone with regard to The Game. Those moments in time was very meaninful. You leave here with a permanent place of honor here at the Tavern. Let’s raise a worldwide collective toast – raise your glasses ya’ll – to Super Jae. Dae Han Min Guk – Go Korea & Go Jae / Fighting! Chal ga my friend. Tavern out.

  5. =(. I appreciate all the writers and their passion, but i especially looked to jae for the objectivity and tactical analysis. i’m super bummed. best wishes, jae. roy, i know you talked about stepping away, but it’s not immediate or as complete as jae, i hope? y’all created the only (sane and non-douchey) english language KNT community out there. thanks to all the writers, old and new, and also all the commenters. i appreciate it.

  6. Heartbreaking to read Jae. You’ve been an amazing writer and I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles. Nothing matches this site and what you’ve contributed to it.
    Jalgayo, and I hope you have an amazing journey.
    A huge thank you from Melbourne!

    • a bit of bourbon, scotch, vodka – you know, the usual Tavern stuff…[just kidding – seriously – if you are gonna drink – please drink moderately and responsibly! Tavern owner out]

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