02/11: Short Midweek Roundup

A short recap of Koreans in the Premier League today and yesterday. Kim Bo-Kyung and Yun started for both of their clubs.

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*KFA has confirmed that South Korea will face Uzbekistan on March 27 and New Zealand on March 31. Good choice of opposition considering how our WCQ group should be a breeze.

*Just so you know, KNT will be in the 2nd round of WC qualifying. A win of the group (or being among the best runners-up will ensure their qualification for the 2019 Asian Cup and 3rd round of WC qualifying.


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  1. Very off topic but this was just a random thought that got me wondering, does anyone know why we chose red and blue as our team colours? I understand that on the taegukki it is those colours, but aren’t our national arirang colours blue, red and yellow?
    It would be pretty sick if we could embrace those three colours instead of the blue, red and white.
    Anyway, just a thought as I said

    • I think someone else brought up the same idea right after the current kits were released. To be honest I don’t think the team, whether club or national, has much say in the process and/or design. Hence why you’ve seen a number of ‘traditional’ kits change over the past year or so (Inter, Milan, Celtic, Barca next year, etc). The team may provide some general requirements like base color, the logo, any sponsors, and extra stuff (stars), but how those all come together is purely at the discretion of the designers. Although I did see an article that said Nike spoke with members of the India cricket team and took their input on their kit. So who knows?

      So, why red and blue? I suspect Nike has been told the main color is to be red, and beyond that it’s just what “inspires” them. I imagine Korea is fairly low on their kit priorities, so they take their design inspirations from fairly common things (like the 태극기). Of course, I don’t know for sure, but that’s my best guess.

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