10/29: Midweek Roundup


Very short midweek Roundup, let’s get to it!


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A couple of items:

1. Bayer Leverkusen almost lost to a fourth division club. Goals from each side came as a result of some poor goalkeeping. Things got really interesting when Son got a red.

Jae, jumping in. If curious, here is Son’s red card.

2. The logo for the 2018 World Cup in Russia has been officially revealed. Hopefully this World Cup will be a better experience for the KNT under Steilike. The passion and intesity from Koreans in Los Angeles was virtually nonexistent.

I came across this. Forgive me if you are offended by the comparison, but I hate the 2018 logo. What does the Fifa 2018 World Cup logo remind you of?



Stay tuned…





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  1. I admit, I sort of like seeing Son getting that aggravated and aggressive. I don’t want him to get stupid reds like that in the KNT or even being aggravated, but I do want to see that aggression that was underneath that aggravation.

      • A red he fully deserved btw. That ref couldn’t have had a better seat if he tried.

        Watch it again and Imagine that was Drogba for example. If it was any other non Korean player, you’d have totally different thoughts on how that transpired.

        I thought it was rather lame.

  2. When I was watching that – I initially thought Son was trying to get in on restarting the ball after getting fouled – resulting in accidentally kicking the other player, but I’m not sure. Maybe my angle watching it wasn’t good. I find it hard to believe he would lash out in retaliation like that, doesn’t seem like the professional thing to do to lose one’s composure like that…but maybe he did lose his cool. Hopefully lesson learned…

    • He lashed out in retaliation. This isn’t the first time he did something silly. For example, he did it against Marseille in a pre-season friendly.. although, at least he tried to be sneaky on that occasion.

    • Definitely not professional, but Son definitely did it in retaliation. Magdeburg player was grabbing him from behind, kicking his legs, Son just lost it for a moment. I suspect Son’s reaction (to the red card) was along the lines of, ‘you’re going to send me off for one light kick, when this guy has been kicking me all game? wtf?’

    • I dunno, shouldn’t Bayer be resting Son? Especially for a match like this. It seems like he’s been playing every 3-4 days for the past few weeks, & the vibe is his quality has been decreasing.

      Just my opinion, I could be perceiving wrong. But once a week after all that running is tuff enuff, no? Drmic, Kruse… don’t want them cutting into Son’s playing time in important matches (League, CL), but aren’t they there just for occasions like this, rotation?

      Also, does red mean he misses next League match, or just dfb pokal? Also agree, passion is always good, but he’s got to learn to control himself better :/

      • It was a big surprise Son started this match. We .. well, at least I was expecting Son would be rested (so did Kicker). However, Schmidt opted to field a strong starting XI since Augsburg lost to Magdeburg in previous round (DFB Pokal is their only realistic chance at hardware too).

        As for Son’s 3 match suspension, it only applies to DFB Pokal games.

  3. Oh yes, about the Russia WC logo – I predicted it would be a russian boot on top of a Ukrainian-themed ball. In all seriousness though, IF fifa had any shred of integrity left, they would move the WC somewhere else as Russia has demonstrated such a ridiculous contravention of human rights with their dismantling of a free press, quashing of dissent and now the annexation of Crimea, not to mention lying (badly) about their military incursion into eastern Ukraine. A Russian football federation meeting of top big wigs was secretly recorded, a transcript released showed them fretting about Putin’s orders to absorb Crimean clubs into the Russian premier league – that is a clear FIFA violation. They worried they’d lose hosting the world cup -but they dared not to go against Putin’s orders. With this information out there, the ball is now in FIFA’s court, but seeing as Sep Blatter is trying to be re-elected for the umpteenth time, the corrupt status quo will possibly remain intact.

    • Yes, and more shitty FIFA logos. I know graphic designers that can do much better than that. Also, the location for this WC couldn’t have been worse. The actions of the Russian government and Putin are pretty much the opposite of the values that football promotes. I’ll post an article about the corruption of FIFA, WC 2018 and 2022 very soon.

    • The corrupt status quo will definitely remain. Don’t know if you listen to it, but the ‘Beyond the Pitch’ podcasts with Change FIFA as the guest are very enlightening (and disturbing) in how far the ExCo has gone to protect itself and keep it’s corrupt ways intact.

    • Hey, these are the (inappropriate word here) that gave the World Cup to Qatar over the US, Korea, Japan and Australia in 2022. These are the (…) that made FIFA Courts in South Africa. These are the (…) that, to paraphrase Jon Oliver, went “f*ck your laws” to Brazil and sold beer in stadiums.

      No chance the WC leaves Russia or even Qatar. I just hope it comes to North America in 2026. Canada preferably.



      Canada can’t even get together 5 grass pitches for the women’s World Cup. Yeah never mind. Enjoy the 2026 WC win by acclamation, ‘Merica. Canada will qualify for a WC… in like 50 years or so.

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