A Lee Kang In Special

I’m actually very surprised this is my first Lee Kang In specific piece. I have, half in jest and half completely serious, espoused this guy as the “saviour of Korean football,” even ahead of Lee Seung Woo. That being said, we need to 1) keep him out of the international media spotlight like Lee Seung Woo to ease the pressure and 2) realize that he’s only 15, so it still remains to be seen if he can dribble past defenders in the older age groups.

Still, I honestly think if any of our boys in Spain have a really good chance of making it in La Liga it’s Lee Kang In. To celebrate the end of the season, where LKI’s team Cadete Fundacion* placed third in the Liga Autonomica Cadete, here’s a good highlight video of his 2015-2016 season! The real good stuff comes at the end, btw

*Valencia bought a spot in the upper level (Cadete A) Cadete league, so they could field a team of 15 year olds in a league that’s restricted to 16 year olds. Valencia Cadete A won the league, and it’s very impressive that Fundacion placed third over Villarreal Cadete A. A lot of that is thanks to the magic of Lee Kang In and Nabil Touaizi (star striker), both of whom are starters for the Valencia Regional Selection, which very recently lost to the Madrid Regional Selection in the final.

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  1. He’s playing with boys a year older than him, he has finesse and poise when attacking and is the best creative threat I’ve seen from a Korean player since Lee Chung Yong. Think he can be big!

  2. I’m always cautious about young talent. There have been loads of talent from all over the world a lot younger than him that could have been the next Messi but now play second division soccer. I hope he doesn’t burn out or lose interest.

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